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A world full of long history Namir is. Time began with the Norig, Nila came forth from the primordial nothingness. She then planted what would become the Tree of Life, but another had emerged as a rival, the ambassador of the void and entropy, Kataka. Hating his own creation, Kataka wished to restore creation back to its initial point and bring the destruction of this universe and return it to the dark, empty and lifeless place of its origin. From Kataka the monsters came, the Terror Bird Khanu, the Sea Dragon, Mascevanje, bringer of darkness Iti, The Black Beast, Kulkki and the bringer of madness, Makosha. Numerous others came and went and eventually creation was filled with creatures that were evil and chaotic. With her foresight Nila had begun grafting two new beings beneath her tree. She worked for what seemed to be eternity before she finished and with her breath the Gods Yatu and Tharis came to be. Nila had given them all her strength and gifted them with all her power. It was then that a great war began, Yatu and Tharis were reinforced by one of the monsters, Khanu had defected and wished to gain redemption for its actions as it foresaw the eventual victory of the Norig brothers. With this victory, Yatu and Tharis banished and imprisoned the monsters beneath enchanted stone where they would live dormant. But the war had taken its toll, Tharis had become corrupted by the abyss and driven mad, not wanting to harm his brother he too was imprisoned in a special chamber that kept him asleep and quiet. Yatu then after visiting Nila, was given instruction about what to do with what remained of creation. Yatu began construction on a grand project, Namir.   Yatu began with taking the waters from the Sea Dragon, Mascevanje and the earth of the monstrous Kulkki and shaped a world from them. Initially only consisting of a small island named Harmani. Yatu at this time had asked Nila to create aspects of himself from her tree, from this request came the gods. Initially the 2nd generation were Sostus, Isa, Ira, Kothza and Ranir. These 5 helped Yatu create and shape the world. Yatu had crafted a subject subservient to the gods in the Jotnar, his son Kothza had secretly asked Nila to create a partner equal to him and she gave him his wife Sutha and together they had 10,000 children, the Kothsen. It was at this time that Yatu's creations had began calling him "The Old One". Yatu's son Sostus was the god of Truth and Justice and became the judge of the world of man. His daughter Ira was the patron of the new sea and the rumblings beneath the ground and his other daughter, Isa introduced passion and violence to the Jotuns. Yatu's last son Ranir became the strongest of them all as his power was knowledge, prophecy, manipulation of fate and all this was supplemented by knowledge gained at the base of the Tree of Life as he bargained with Nila and willingly gave up his eye and hand for knowledge and wisdom. Ranir became King of the gods and was proclaimed this by his brother Sostus who acknowledged his supremacy. The 3rd generation of gods consisted of the brothers Dhalos and Oeus from Sostus, Ira's daughter Astra became goddess of the stars and ether, her descendant was the hero Arcius. Isa had Ymus, Oagi and Skagi. Ranir had one child much farther in time as he fell in love with the mortal Lysia who gave birth to the hero Bruntes. The gods then each passed on their knowledge onto a special group of Jotuns who would one day become the first men, they gave them their gifts and instructed them to become caretakers of creation. Harmani had grown into the supercontinent of Oru which was flanked by the grand sea called Lutu. For many years the Jotnar and Man lives in peace but after many disagreements the two brother races came to fight and hate one another. This culminated in the murder of the Jotun Dele whose father was the mighty Frasnir, enraged Frasnir slammed into the ground and cracked the continent in half. Not even the god Dhalos could stop the rampaging Jotun until the sun god Oeus came down and was forced to kill Frasnir with a single blow. The damage had been done however and the continent of Oru had fragmented into the two continents of Tolantis and Odoua.   From here many centuries would pass before man regained its standing and in that time, the Jotnar had died off due to their greed and selfishness. From the corpses of these last Jotuns, cities would form and dot the area in Tolantis. The most powerful among them was Prytia, who had come to dominate the area around Lake Namir. Many years would pass that saw them dominate their smaller neighbors and become extraordinarily wealthy from their mines and lucrative trade. Eventually the greedy and prideful King Karkilla would insult every representative of the smaller city states and threaten them with war. From this action a coalition was formed between the city states, the Prytian War had begun. In this time heroes had rose and fallen but the greatest among them was Arcius of Mellia. His sword was swift, his strength was might and his courage unmatched but a ember of unspeakable rage fluttered inside him. Gordian the Red, whose immense feats of strength and endurance would eventually, make him a god. Helles of Carkos, The Stallion was a vile, brutish and powerful warrior, he was the de facto dictator of the martial city of Carkos where the venerated Tolanti cavalry would begin from. Trytas of Kostas, a brilliant commander and diplomat from the powerful city state of Kostas who met his end when he challenged the god Timur who transported him to the side of a mountain and had a eagle fly above him and tear at his stomach every hour for a year. However Arcius and his Mellians would lead the war against Prytia until the mighty warrior descended into paranoia and malicious anger. He had killed a prince of Prytia who had surrendered to him and when his brother Lamdes had challenged the unbeatable warrior for his brothers honor outside the gates of Prytia. It was here that Arcius disgraced himself beyond any, after killing the Prince he dismembered him in front of his father Karkilla and put his head on a pike outside his war tent. Eventually the Irisian forces would storm Prytia and raze it to the ground and salt the fields outside.   From Arcius and Gordian a new power would rise, the Tolanti had emerged from this vacuum of power and warred on their weakened neighbors before conquering the entirety of the continent. They did this gradually but very effectively because they had adopted the willingness for war that so many others lacked. The next Kings of Tolantis would busy themselves by conquering the continent and their success would snowball until they ran into another ambitious people, the Korians. The Konin of the Korian people, Jalmar Sumensk had ravaged the land and created an empire forged by steel, this would be the Tolanti's first challenge and they would fail to beat them on the battlefield but in the end they would win because of the Konin's ill timed death during his wedding. With their rivals the Korians firmly defeated, the Tolanti grew even more and after the defeat of the Dedari of modern Drassis, the entire continent was in the hands of the monarch of Rhollos. However the ambition was not quenched and the Tolanti began to look beyond the sea and dream of more ripe land to bring into the fold. Odoua was this land and in a short period of time the Tolanti would invade, colonize and dispel the unruly Vikar and establish vassal states in their place, the most powerful of these being the Allosian and Legii Confederations.   Centuries would pass before, a king named Tytos had a son named Verandi that would go on to unite his fellow Allosian neighbors and establish a Kingdom of his own, the Allosian Empire was founded. But all was not well in the land, Verandi's half brother Damian was disgruntled and angered by his half brother and before long had mustered an army to raise their banners in rebellion against the Allosians. This was to be known as the Stalholm Rebellion and it would take nearly 10 long years before a new power would sprout out of Allosia, the Duchy of Carpava. Years later another Empire would see itself rise among disorder, for centuries the plains and grasslands of Legiia had been fought and bled over by separate ethnic peoples. One ambitious Hegemon would come from the city of Peia, this was Lysus the Great and he would bring together the scattered peoples of Legii and form a mighty empire that would come to challenge the Allosians. Lysus brought together the rival Treyans and Estians, he conquered the nomadic and mountainous Jarissans, brought the proud Tuskaloo to heel. He had convinced the Enati and Cosno that they should join him, he married the Vesti matriarch and swam across the strait to Arka to compete in their Oknur games in order to convince them to join his empire. He was named Danbe of the Cendrans and Sasti of the Treyans. In the southwest a people would gain an identity, the tribal Logati and Borali. Long had the Logati been the bane of the lands, they pillaged and plundered what they could not grow and harvest, for a time they were the greatest warriors in the world and had unrivaled power in the area of their sacred lands of Lake Mana and their holy city of Katinyye. The Borali were a mighty sea people, they were subservient to the Logati but did so out of practicality, they lived on platforms out in the water and were fishermen and whalers with renown bravery at sea. A small border people called the Menchi lived like their Vikar ancestors and rejected the gods of man in favor of the Spirits of the Mountains. To the numerous island in the Lucet Sea, an ambitious woman would look, we do not know her name as it has been lost through the ages but we do know what she began. It was a matriarch that colonized the islands of the Lucet and Kardinal seas, from Pellephone came the Pellephoni who scattered among the islands in their archipelago. The Iolans, a feral and brutal people would be banished to a frozen rock in the Western Deep an island that bears their name and holds dark secrets. The Khaels, a string of islands off the coast of Carpava was once the Kadina Islands and had been a stronghold of the mysterious Mouzan people. Finally the center of Lucet civilization, the Lepoinese, a cultured and extravagant people hailing from their island of Lepoi, they became legendary pirates and raiders who centralized their government to center around piracy to the point where their elected leaders were Pirate Lords.   When these empires were strong peace was known to some but war was frequent and death was common as the Allosians and Tolanti warred against their neighbors and carved out empires of blood and steel. Eventually after the reigns of Kings who had tried to prevent a clash between the two had died, war seemed inevitable but a sudden peace floated over the two empires. A cold war that was broken when the rash King Blir ignored all divine signs of doom and invaded the continent at the mouth of the Greywater river. This King would find Legii, Allosian and Caroavan steel to be more than a match for his small army and he was beat back and eventually killed by a hero known as Jonete Mae, the Maiden of the Greywater. Blir's sons, Princes Areus and Auris vowed vengeance and later invaded with their Grand Army, this army was the best of Tolantis and beat back the Legii until their Empire collapsed after Peia had been destroyed and their emperor killed. Now the effective leader of the Legii exiles, Jonete Mae led a vast exodus of the Legii from their homeland into the lands of their once sworn enemies, the Logati. Once together, the rash Tolanti declared war on the continent and vowed to drown it in blood. After this proclamation the leaders of the 5 nations of Odoua came together and swore to defend their continent from the invaders by any means. The leaders of this new Coalition of Odoua were the King of Allosia, Orwell of the Shastai Dynasty, the Duke of Carpava, Edward Stalholm, The new Duma of the Logati, Reinus Harl, Leader of the exiled Legii, Jonete Mae and the renown representative of the Borali, Uriel Saba. Together these leaders, along with the bannermen of Duke Edward, Jakob Dureich would become known as the companions and would become legendary figures in their own nations history. Orwell would be called a savior of the Allosian Empire, Mae would go on to found the successor state of the Legii Empire, the Ospiate. Reinus Harl would take his family from a clan of lumberjacks into the most prestigious clan in Logatia, Saba would be considered the smartest man of his time and would invent things such as, the Cerhio shield, deployable artillery equipment and a treatment for white plague. The late heroics of Jakob Dureich and his legendary duel with Crown Prince Areus would make House Dureich the second most prominent family in Carpava. The War of the False Kings as it would be known would be the backdrop for the emergence of a group of allies turned friends who would endure hardships together and change the course of the history of the continent together. But after every peak comes a trough and for most the centuries after would be hard as decentralization, demilitarization, corruption and apathy would spoil the victory of the Companions and revert these allies back to their prewar state of tense and sometimes violent relations. Meanwhile the Empire in Tolantis would be destroyed due to a succession crisis and ethnic turmoil as state after state would declare itself the successor of the empire, from this the nations of Colrac, Mykra, Dalir, Krosas, Drassis and later Thornhold would emerge and go on to continue Tolanti culture in their own ways.   In the centuries following this great war, the Legii Ospiate would become corrupt and oligarchic with prestigious families constantly vying for power and prominence much to the dismay of notable philosophers like Nefris Chagatai who would predict that all it took for a return to the Empire was once ambitious general or statesman to seize power. In this environment of political struggle the very thing Nefris had warned would happen had began to take shape, the nephew of a prominent general, Maestas Accorto had become a growing voice in the government and was a prominent speaker who called for expansionist campaigns against the Allosians to retake the province of Cosmotia which was lost to them centuries ago to the Allosian King Hernes. Eventually his militaristic and nationalistic message convinced enough people and a Maestan Ospiate, Lucius Malaren was elected and immediately called for war against Allosia. For the first time in centuries the two greatest powers on the continent began a series of destructive wars that would shatter the Ospiate and lead to the creation of a true Allosian Empire. It was during this finale, the 3rd Maestan War that the destruction of the Ospiate would be completed as the new King Bromn, wished to make an example of the Legii, he marched to Peia which had recently opened its doors to the exiled Maestas, and he burned the city to the ground before salting the fields and enslaving anyone his army found. Legiia was the first nation brought into the growing empire. For the remainder of his reign, Bromn would intimidate and bully the Logati and Borali into subservience, only the Carpavans were safe from annexation. However Bromn would be assassinated by Legii nationalists who were supported by several former Tolanti nations.   Assuming the crown, Bromn's son, Arno was inheriting a ballooning army and several calls for a more republican government, instead of combating these problems he suggested there was another one. Arno had long gazed across the sea and seen the golden splendor of the Tolanti nations, now he had the reasoning for a Grand War, one unlike any fought before and so he gathered his generals, the Mendaci who were childhood friends of his and told them the next plan. Arno envisioned a new extension of the empire across the sea in Tolantis and he saw the riches that would flow if he were to accomplish this plan. So Arno spent the next year gathering troops, ships, food and supplies in Sommer for the maiden launch of his massive invasion fleet. On the morning of the peak of Highsol, Arno's fleet launched its invasion, a three pronged attack on Tolantis, a western detachment led by Duma Dressan Itra would take Colraci and then meet the main army to finish sweeping up Krosas and Drassis before a combined army would march and take Mykra. This plan would seemingly begin spectacularly, Itra would take Colraci in months as once its famous navy was destroyed the nation was easy pickings. The hardest advance was in Krosas where the fervent defense was led by a Maumentian alpine commander named Illario Regalia who used shrewd terror tactics to delay for as long as possible. Once Arno had a force ready for the challenge he made swift work of the Krosan Regia's at the decisive Battle of Garnati and later the Siege of Koropetra. From there the invasion of Drassis went perfect as the mercenary armies of Drassis didn't have the gold needed for their sevices and fled or offered their services to the battle hardened Allosian Army. As this was happening a Mykran army had overrun Dressan Itra's position and destroyed his army. Arno's Army would be marching into Mykra alone and this would prove disastrous as the Mykran people became obsessed with defending their homeland and not only stopping the invasion but making sure another wouldn't follow. At the Battle of Rhollos, outside the Mykran Capital, Arno finally met his match and during the battle he was wounded which would eventually prove to be mortal. Arno died weeks latter at his palace in Sommer, planning for another invasion into Mykra that would finish them off for good. From here, the Fall, as it would be known commenced as the Mendaci began to argue and fight one another for fragments of the Empire. Krosas and Drassis would become run by Allosian Mendaci as would the region of Achia which broke away from Allosia. The nations that had been conquered like the Legii and Logati broke away and in the case for the Legii broke apart as ethnic tension consumed them once again.   Now, nearly 300 years later, the world remains much the same, mighty empires are a thing of the past. In this silence a new voice calls across the seas as an old enemy reemerges from the ashes of a forgotten conflict and readies itself to set fire to the world. There is hope however, it rests in the forgotten people of the lands that have gone ages without rallying voices to lead them, until now.

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