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The Hands of the Jewelled

The Hands of the Jewelled are the individual rulers of Peridot. They govern it's general business and work together to ensure the country continues to run and thrive.    Lawmaster and ruler of Amethyst Imbros Malakai Verity The ruler of Amethyst is a High Elf called Imbros Verity. A tall and rather young (for a high elf) individual. While he maintains the name of ruler his kingdom is more a democracy that consist of endless debates, rhetoric and etiquette that has often been accused of getting little done.   Ruler of Emerald Laxos Brightpenny The current Ruler of Emerald is a Halfling called Laxos Brightpenny. His family founded the city of Laxos’ and invented the method of drawing runic energy out of the sea to be used for electricity. Something that has shaped the life of Peridot and thus gained them notoriety and power. He is a fairly old halfling with a kind look and wicked sense of humour. He has done his best to leave the running of runic energy to others more qualified and has done his best to devote himself to being a fair and just ruler both in Amethyst and the wider world. His right hand is a construct that he speaks through. Laxos often has a tired and drawn look on his face due to a lack of sleep thanks to him constantly juggling his rulership both on the mainlands and in Amethyst.   Lord Ruler of Ruby Rasythas Nyachuak The leader of the island is a gold dragonborn called Rasythas Nyachuak who has sat as ruler for the last 80 years and was the one who brokered the deal with the Jewelled to supply their weapons. He is very intelligent and a shrewd businessman while also being a talented inventor. He is currently working on pet projects as he no longer needs to build world changing things nor broker deals. He is currently working on different runic items as gadgets and test items. He’s also enchanting weapons to glow in the presence of danger and deal more damage to certain enemies. He’s currently thinking of apprentices and inventors with potential to take under his pay grade and focus to build up to replace him in Ruby when he’s retired as he has no wife nor kids due to being consumed by his work.

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