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High Gate

High Gate acts as the capital of Thornden as well as housing the Triumvirate Chair.    It is Thorndens cultural centre, a centre for the Varne Academies along with Flitwick and the centre for Thornden's nobility.    It acts as a space for the lawmakers of Thornden and those still, 47 years on, attempting to fix and establish Thornden whilst also saving it from its history.


There is still a minority Tiefling population though that was in large part due to movements across Namarie and the worker 'stacks' still exist and house Tiefling and Drow. Though things are continually improving.


The Triumvirate Chair sit in the centre of Thornden and so run the country and make rules from there as well as meetings and trade deals.


The capital is heavily walled whilst possessing secret passages out of the city if needs arise through the underbelly that have an uneasy relationship with the surface.

Industry & Trade

It's industry utilises farming and trade as well as sitting on what has been known as 'The Burial River' making it a centre of trade.

Guilds and Factions

The Varne academy The Kingsglaives The Thorned   All these have space in Thornden whilst they also have made a space for visiting Magus Arcanum.
Alternative Name(s)
The Gate of the Country
Between 160-240,000

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