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Welcome to the world of Nakolna. The length of a year on Nakolna is 87.77% that of Earth. It's a planet dominated by the economic and cultural superpower of Zeganas, boasting cyberpunk technology that is also combined with a bit of magic. Magic users and scientists have worked together in recent decades to provide the world with modern, harmonized inventions.   The planet of Nakolna is in a solar system of 7 planets and a brown dwarf. 3 of the planets in the solar system are habitable, the mostly hot desert planet of Dasnar, the lush, warm planet of Nakolna, and the cold, taiga planet of Masae. Together, they all orbit the star, Hunasai.   There are three species of sentient life that live on Nakolna. The avian baristolans, the wolfians, and the bipedal furred reptilian ninlaians. They've fought many wars in the past, and in some places in the world there are still conflicts, but in recent decades in the superpower of Zeganas, relations are peaceful between them.   The cultural atmosphere is one of peace and of music. Music brings a lot of people together in Nakolna. The ninlaians are particularly good at making popular music, but everyone can be a musician and a party animal.   All-in-all, Nakolna thrives with music, magical technology, economic power, and species diversity. The world has a population of 6.21 billion people and the world's sole superpower has a population of 1.2 billion people.