History of Naishou Province

The lands that make up Naishou Province were settled long before the Kami fell from the Heavens. The population of the region was composed primarily of three tribal groups, the Yamataru Tribe, the Morikawa Tribe, and the Takanobu Tribe. When the samurai of the Empire finally stumbled upon the area, the Takanobu dominated, leaving the Yamataru largely isolated in the mountains and the Morikawa in the southwestern forests. The War Against Fu Leng saw the strength of all 3 tribes depleted and the region heavily damaged. After Fu Leng’s defeat on the First Day of Thunder, Naishou Province was deemed not worth rebuilding. The samurai of the great clans left and the region became an unaligned territory within the Empire.   Centuries of benign neglect allowed the tribes of the province to replenish their strength and restore their lands. About 450 years ago, the province’s recovery and bountiful natural resources were rediscovered by the great clans. Over the next half a century, the great clans waged endless war with each other across Naishou Province. Control of the region changed hands sometimes multiple times a year. By the time the Emperor settled all disputes, assigning control of the province to the Phoenix Clan, the region was almost as bad off as it was after Fu Leng’s first attempt to conquer the Empire.