Daily purification from sin

Each day when the Sun is at its highest point, the monks of the Seven Fortunes Temple bring out a massive brass gong. Standing at the entrance to the temple's grounds, they strike it three times, ritually purifying all who hear it of the sins of Fear, Envy, and Regret.   The gong can be heard as far away as the first ring of rice fields outside of the Heimin District and when the first peal rings out, most people in the city, regardless of what they are doing, stand still and fall silent. The monks have carried out this ritual every single day in Toshi No Naishou's history, letting neither war, weather, or disaster stop them. City craftsmen have several spare gongs standing by, should anything ever happen to it and smaller replicas can be found in many of the city's other temples, allowing for a more intimate cleansing of one's sins.
Seven Fortunes Temple Gong