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Church of Vitaria

The Church of Vitaria is a beacon of hope to all citizens of the Empire in a time when everything seems to be getting darker. As the outside forces of evil come down upon the Empire, and its protectors are disregarding the people more and more, and soldiers are fed into the ravenous maw of conflict, the Church of Vitaria stands tall, as a source of support, healing and life to everyone. It is for that reason that the Church of Vitaria has not adopted grandiose terminologies or bombastic names for its ranks. They seek to gain the support of the people through supporting them, in any way they can, and in filling the gap left by the fear-mongering Inquisition or the awe-inspiring Adeptus Justicari.

The goal of the Church is to guide the empire people into the future, and nurture every city into the best it can be, keeping the populous happy forever. However, the realities of life make it so such utopian dreams will remain dreams for a long time, if not forever, and times come when the church must face the grim realities of the world, but they have stood vigilant as healers and guides to the people. This has gained them increased support and influence in the power balance of Empire politics. With the declining power of the Inquisition, the Church of Vitaria has taken the lead in the High Ecclesiarchs. However, the heavy handed support of the other churches finds a lot of support with the rest of the High Council and as such changing the course of the Empire as a whole is extremely hard. This however does not discourage the Church of Vitaria in their efforts to prioritize the people.


The "head" of the church is the Grand Cathedral of Vitaria, located in Exelnar and is where the High Priestess of Vitaria and other important individuals reside. The rest of the power of the church is centered around the churches, which exist in all but a few settlements in the Empire, and act firstly as beacons of hope and healing to the citizens, and second as central points of influence for the Church and control over the city and its populous.

Public Agenda

The Church of Vitaria is possibly the purest of all major organizations within the empire, as it seeks to only grow and nurture the population, heal them from injuries and guide the Empire into a brighter future, where all can prosper. While it is unavoidable that corruption and political maneuvering are necessary to ensure resources and influence are flowing into the church, and its goals are met, the Church of Vitaria remains stable in their position of helping the masses, even at the worst of time.


The Church of Vitaria had always existed in one form or another, from the first worshipers of Vitaria during the Golden Age, to the extremely large organization with churches through the entire empire, that it has become now. As the empire was growing, the Church followed, bringing prosperity to the cities that bowed, blessing their crops, healing their sick, and establishing temples. To the ones who stood against the Empire, the priests of Vitaria still brought healing and life once they bowed their heads. Forgiveness and healing, both physical and mental, are and always have been at the center of the teachings of Vitaria.

Tenets of Faith

The Church of Vitaria follows these tenets that were tough to them by Vitaria, and are still shown to them by her.

  • Love, care for all people, plants and animals, for they are blessed by Vitaria, and seen as sacret.
  • Heal, support all who come for aid, heal the wounded and the sick.
  • Forgive, a creature that has turned its back to you can be forgiven, and should it earn its way back, embraced as if it never left.
  • Guide, help all to see Vitarias life and show them the error of their ways, take care of young as they grow and ease the old as they pass.


There are three main rituals done generally, although there are dozens specifically for each region or town.

  • Firstly the blessings of birth, which are to be done when a creature is born, to bless it and gift it with the blessings of Vitaria, giving it health and life as it grows.
  • Secondly are the blessings of the land, where the crops are blessed to grow well and lead to a bountiful harvest.
  • Lastly are the blessings of passing, to be done when a living creature dies. They are done to honor the creature and its life, and accept the circle of life by which all mortals are bound. These rights are also done to groups of soldiers after battles, and it is generally done to both sides, as even the mortal enemies can be forgiven in death.


Anyone who has spent enough time can become a priest of Vitaria as she always welcomes those who wish to do good. Once they have shown themselves to be a loyal subject of Vitaria, and a true believer in her and the tenants, they will take a vow and be welcomed as a member of the Church of Vitaria. Not all new members wield the magic that comes from her, and some go many years without receiving her blessing, but they aid others however they can, be that with knowledge, healing or support. To advance the ranks however and become an Arch priestess, only females are chosen, as they have a closer bond to Vitaria being able to create life.

Founding Date
As an organization within the Empire, the Church of Vitaria was formed very close to the founding of the empire, at 650 P.S.
Religious, Organised Religion
Parent Organization
High Ecclesiarchs
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