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The Cradle is the bay on the eastern coast of Central Aisoa and its surrounding areas, where rivers from the Riverlands and Great Forest feed into the ocean.   The surrounding region is flat and grassy with a few expansive forests. Most of the countryside is covered in the farms and orchards of Iccot which almost wholly controls the region.   Most of Northern Usmina, and sections of Southern Usmina and Lenif are also included in the region.

Natural Resources

There are few innate resources to be spoken of in the Cradle other than an abundance of clay in the soil. The grasslands have mostly been converted to farms, fruit orchards, and pastures. Old family vineyards and villas are scattered around the countryside.   The bay itself has been mostly fished to depletion, and most fishing occurs farther into the sea. Clams and other shellfish are somewhat more common in the bay than the surrounding coastlines.

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