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Brass Dragon Inn

The Brass Dragon Inn is owned by Lothar Sanbin and is the only Inn remaining in the small border town of Tubridge. When it was built one hundred and thirty-two years ago, it was not alone, but since that time the only other watering hole in the town has closed. By Tubridge standards, the building is relatively young, roughly half the age of most of the rest of the town's buildings.   The Inns name is itself a joke based on the old adage, Don't take any brass dragons. Gold Dragons, of course, being the name given to the gold coins in the region. The original name of the inn was in fact 'The Wheatsheaf' but the name was changed by Lothar when he acquired it.   Lothar runs the Inn alongside his wife Ishilde as well as their son Rinus, and sometimes their daughter Wendelina. Rinus himself is well on the way to learning the Landlord trade himself, and has started to take over the brewing of some of the beers that are made on site, in the brewshed behind the inn proper.   The inn has several forms of entertainment for its patrons including Lothars famous Five Kings set, and some other games for quiet times. Often music is provided by either Naud Bekdarim a local musician, or The Harlotans a small group of local musicians and singers. If there are any travellers with entertaining abilities, Lother will often allow them to perform for a discounted rate of board and lodging.   Most evenings the common room is busy with plenty of the locals being regular patrons. The daytimes are usually much quieter with a few regular daytime frequenters. Breakfast is available for those that stayed the night, and then the bar and meals are available to all from lunchtime onwards. The common room then stays open until late at night, depending on how busy it is.


This is a timber-framed building of a style typical throughout all of Casteidan. It has plaster-covered brick and wood walls, with diamond-paned glass in the windows. The roof is covered in shingles made from local Cedarwood.   One of its most distinctive features is the double storey common room. Its high central peak allowing somewhere for the inevitable smoke to gather above patrons heads. Giving the common room a much brighter, fresher atmosphere than that found in most similar inns.   The main building has two large fireplaces, one in the common room itself, and one in the kitchen with a built-in oven for baking the traditional Southern Spice Bread for which the inn is famous.


The main building of Inn itself was built over the summer months of 4628 by Gerald Tam. Gerald and his wife Carlotta came to Tubridge with just a wagon of supplies and a plan to start an Inn. And this they did. The inn was popular, especially with the human residents of the town. Until this time, there was only a halfling run pub in the centre of town near the river. This the humans found to be too small and cramped to be comfortable.   But as time went on Gerald and his wife found that they missed their family in Foeth and the hustle and bustle of the city. Eventually in the spring of 4635 with a child 'on the way' they decided to sell the inn and journey back to Foeth.   Luckily one of their regular patrons, Tom Diggs, was happy to buy the place and start running it himself. He and his wife Mary ran the pub for many years, with Tom continuing on even after his wife passed away. Eventually, it passed to their son Amos upon Toms death in 4665.   Under Tom and Mary's management, the Inn prospered and several of the outbuildings were constructed during this time, including the wagon barn, and the stable. Amos, however, was not the Innkeeper that his father was, and his heart was not truly in the business. He kept the Inn for ten years but was unwilling to maintain it as it should be and so the building deteriorated, and with it, its patronage.   In 4675 ownership of the Inn passed to Lothar Sanbin. The story Being that Lothar Won the Inn from Amos in a game of Five Kings that went on for several days, eventually ending on Millweek Riseday, Heitren of 4675. Thus the date being 8, 8, 4675. The number eight is considered lucky by most Korleth and especially by 'Kings players.


  • Brass Dragon Inn interior

Some Prices

  • Ale Mug 4cc
  • Wine Common 2sb
  • Wine Fine 10gd
  • Breakfast 1sb
  • Dinner Regular 3sb
  • Dinner Extra 5sb
  • Bread 2cc
  • Cheese 1sb
  • Meat 3sb
  • Spice Bread 2sb
  Lodging (per night)
  • Bed (Shared Room) 5sb
  • Bed (Private Room) 8sb
  • Stable 1sb
  • Wagon storage 4cc

Alternative Names
The Dragon
Parent Location

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