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Waxweek Lethday, Heitren, 4760.

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The gods inherited a chaotic cosmos from their creators.   They gave order to much of it. But, though those elder gods were locked away in their prison realm, their disruptive influence can still, sometimes, be felt...   We are now in the second age of mortals, named by some, the age of humans. For it is the humans that are the dominant power in the known world, and that power seems to only increase. Humans push further into the 'wilderness' every year and this causes conflict with the species that call those areas home.   The first age was the age of the elves. They rose to dominance despite (some say, because of) the murder of their creator god Alsoldra at the hands of a mortal. Their age lasted over ten thousand years, creating a globe-spanning civilization. The histories of the end of that age are confused at best but mostly lost. Some things are known, other things are speculation. It is known that the elves divided into three, the Dark, the Grey, and the Light. The Grey are still around. It is speculated that the Dark went underground, into the deep places beneath the planet's surface. Of the Light Elves, nothing is known after the cataclysm that ended that age.   It was the murder of Asoldra that sparked the war between the gods. The result of which was the complete extinction of the first species of mortals known as the Jhutovans. And eventually the truce between the gods whereupon they agreed to leave the 'mortal realm' and only influence the world from afar.   How long the gods walked among mortals before that is unknown, the only knowledge of those times come from the gods themselves, and what is time to an eternal god?...