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Little introduction to the world of Naharin

Naharin is one of the lands to which mankind ended up after passed through the mirror gates. Unlike in Elaqitan, there is no magic here - actually. In order to secure the gates forever, the "Order of the Mystical Elements" was founded, which tries to keep the secret to this day.

Learn more about the Exodus from Elaqitan in this world. Discover how humanity benefited from the achievements of the first three ages of Elaqitan. Read how the two rivers Euphrates and Tigris were subjugated and how the first advanced civilization was created here in Mesopotamia.

Follow the two archaeologists Henrietta and Ludwig von Amnitz on their sometimes adventurous excavations. Will they unravel the mysteries behind it all and be able to help their daughter Seraphine?


Paradise & Mystery of the Desert

The world of Naharin is shaped by life between the two rivers Euphrates and Tigris, the good ford and the tiger.

According to the Old Testament, paradise is said to have been here. This thought is´nt unfounded.

The people left their original, partly hostile homeland of Idaka on Elaqitan to start a new, safe and simple life here. When they entered this world, it really must have been paradise for them.

More than 5,600 years later, this paradise no longer exists and the traces of the old high culture are buried under sand.

Learn more about the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia and their great cities such as Ur, Uruk and Babylon through the stories of the two protagonists.

Immerse yourself in history that might be a little different than what you learned in history class.


The heroes of this little adventure


  Henrietta was fortunate that her parents, the Counts von Knopf zu Tüpfelstein, financed her studies in history and archeology with plenty of money. There she met Ludwig - Baron von Amnitz.

Both are as archaeologists are constantly traveling the world to discover ancient cultures. Her daughter Seraphine therefore lives with her grandmother on a country estate in West Germany.

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