Union of the Wall

Born from the ashes of ruined cities, forgetfulness, and the consequences of greed. The Union of the Wall has a single purpose. To guard the Great Nerian Wall from the undead and demonic hordes of the Forsaken. The Great Nerian Wall spans the width of the continent Zamba. Creating a fortified barrier between the people inhabiting Zamba's plains and jungles, and the haunted Nerian Desert in the north. Union Wall Wardens patrol the ancient stone battlements looking for any signs of threats living or undead. Currently made of 4 members. The Gocho Empire, The kingdom of Itzamatul, Aleum Kingdom, and the Church of the Wall. The Union of the Wall stands as the oldest alliance in Nadar. For 150 years its Wardens have patrolled and maintained the wall. Records state they have repelled 4 large scale invasion and countless smaller raids. However sense the alliance started exiling dangerous criminals outside the wall. There has yet to be a major raid against the wall.


Wall Speaker

The Wall Speaker is both the head of the Union and the Church of the Wall. Their sole duty is to insure the wall is maintained and guarded. Should a dispute between the member nations. They will act as a mediator to ensure a peaceful resolution. The Speaker acts as the head of both the Elder Council and the Chief Captains. As well as making sure member nations uphold the Union mandates. The Speaker also is responsible for insuring the wall is regularly inspected, maintained, and ready for battle at all times. They walk a fine line between general, diplomat, and high priest.  

Elder Council

The highest governing council of the Union. The Elder Council is comprised of the rules for each Union faction. They meet twice a year at the city Tashan (built at the wall's center point). During these meeting they discus the condition of the wall, what resources are needed to keep the Wall Wardens operational, and any threats to the wall. The Wall Speaker is the head of the council and will act as mediator and tie breaker if needed. The Elder Council determines what resources member factions will supply to the Union. If new members should be added to the Union. And How Hero Relics and other treasures found in the wall and nearby are distributed among the Union.  

Chief Captains

The primary governing body of the Union. The Chief Captains are those placed in charge of the wall's citadels. These forts were built every 20 miles along the wall. The 33 Chief Captains meet every six weeks to discus the more day to day affairs of the wall. Such as defense strategy, scouting reports, maintenance reports ect. The Chief Captains are also the ones responsible for determining how Union resources are allocated and which citadel receives new recruits. When the Union goes to war or the wall is attacked. The Chief Captains would act as field generals leading Union troops. Chief Captains are appointed by the Elder Council. Traditionally if a citadel is within a nations boarders. The chief captain would be from that nation or the Church of the Wall.    


The lowest tier of Union officers and leaders. Captains are in charge of units of 100 men. They are responsible for the training and well being of their soldiers. As well as making sure they are properly supplied. Captains are appointed by Chief Captains with approval from the Speaker. Captains will meet with their assigned Chief Captain twice a month to discus the needs and news of the local citadel garrison.

Public Agenda

The sole purpose of the Union is to protect the Great Nerian Wall. The reason? To keep our hordes of zombies and other monsters from invading Zamba and destroying the human kingdoms there. Anything that can be of threat to the wall is considered a threat to everyone's very survival.


Each month the member nations will send tithes to the Church of the Wall. These tithes are then distributed to Union Citadels. Each citadel keeps stock piles of bronze, weapons, armor, food, and water. Currently the wall is at peace. It having been several years sense a large invasion or raid of the wall. This has led to less tithes being given. Currently each citadel has enough food and water to survive a siege of 1 month. Armories are reported to have enough extra arms to equip 500 extra soldiers if needed. The city of Tashan houses the Union's treasury. According to last report it contained:  
  • 200 bars of bronze
  • 150 bars of silver
  • 50 gemstones
  • 1,000 copper and silver coins of various currencies
  • 10 different Hero Relics including the Sword of Tashan and the Staff of Arvest
  • maps of the Nerian Desert from numerous scouting missions. 
  • Logs of the Union's operations, treaties, and reports of scouting missions sent to Nerian Desert. 



  For all living memory the wall in the north of the Zamba continent has always existed. A supposedly impassable barrier between Zamba and the haunted desert of Nerian. When the world spanning empires fell the wall was largely forgotten. City states and small nation states squabbled over scraps of territory and resources. Then the Forsaken came. Legions of undead and monsters led by Vampire Demons. Led by the surviving legions of the collapsed Aleum Empire. Humanity retook what remained of the wall. With the help of the hero and divine relics found inside the wall. They were finally able to push the Forsaken back into Nerian. At first a small cult that believed the wall to be divine patrolled it with help from Aleum kingdom (who's northern border was the wall). For many generations their wardens made sure no Forsaken ever escaped Nerian. However in 1260 war broke out between the Gocho Empire and Aleum kingdom. During the war the wall cult refused to give their posts to the Gocho and were slaughtered. With the wall under protected a force of Forsaken came from Nerian and raided Zamba. The ensuing slaughter was legendary. Hundreds of villages and cities were burned. There inhabitants ether turned into zombies. Or hung on pikes. Facing complete destruction. The warring nations banded together in a temporary alliance to fight the Forsaken. At first the allies could barely contain the monstrous hordes. In 1265 the tide turned. In a desperate search for answers. The alliance sent a band of their finest warriors to Nerian. While the adventurers found no answers. They were able to find several hero relics. With the powers of these relics. The Alliance was able to make a final stand at the Milya city Itzamatul. Here the queen of Aleum fought with the demon Laskfa and slew him. The Gocho emperor slew the vampire lord Falsur. While the king of Itzamatul slew the great beast Jodetore. While the battle was won. Itzamatul was razed during the fighting. In the smoldering ruins of Itzamatul the leaders of Aleum and Gocho met to negotiate an end to their war. It was during this meeting that the Union of the Wall was born. Fearing a return of the Forsaken. The two nations agreed to band together to secure the Nerian Wall and to cease fighting each other. As a sign of their commitment to peace. The lands the nations had been fighting over were given to the survivors of Itzamatul to settle. Fearing one nation would gain too much control of the wall. The queen of Aleum suggested the Church of the Wall lead the new alliance. After much debate all in attendance agreed.      

Early Years:

The first 5 years of the Union was spent repairing the wall and hunting down monsters. In the year 1271, the goat demon Narza led his clan against the wall. For six months the goat men laid siege to the wall around the city Tashan. Lacking any siege weapons. The goat men were slaughtered near to extinction. While many were lost in the fighting. Tales of the attack and the stalwart Wall Wardens cause many throughout Zamba to join the Church of the Wall. At the start of the Union the church had only 5 surviving members. After the goat man raid, its numbers swelled to one thousand.   With streams of new recruits the church decided it was time to go on the offensive. In the year 1276 they launched a crusade into Nerian. Five thousand Union troops invaded the desert and started killing every monster they found. For the first month the crusade seemed to be successful. Ancient cities and hero relics were found. However starting the second month soldiers started disappearing. At first it was assumed they were deserters. However the disappearances became stranger and more frequent. Some vanished in front of everyone. Fearing the gods were angered the crusaders returned home as quickly as possible.   In 1280 a horde of zombies swarmed around the north parts of the wall. While it was suggested early on they were the remnants of the old crusaders. It was later discovered that only a small handful carried crusader equipment. The rest had weapons and armor that was much more ancient and unrecognizable. When the Wardens attempted to plunder the zombies however, the weapons and armor melted into dust along with the zombie corpses. Only one medallion remained. It was of a curious metal. It had a silver-ish color but was stronger than ordinary silver. It had markings of a strange language that had been forgotten by all nations in Nadar.      

The Exiles Era

Around 1342, there was great famine in the land. The wall was continually being raided by monsters. In desperation the Gocho Empire sent colonists to grassy part of Nerian. The hope was they could build farms to help feed Zamba. Once the ships left they were never heard from again. Aleum and Itzamatul tried a joint colony next. They're colony was able to build farms and stone walls to defend itself. For six months the colony sent shipments of food to help those starving. After the initial six months however all contact with the colony was lost. Scouts were sent to investigate. They found the site where the colony should be. But found nothing. The people and buildings had completely disappeared. The following year another colony was attempted. It suffered a similar fate. At this site a single note hidden under a rock was found. The short note said people were disappearing. Vanishing into thin air with screams of horror. It ended with the words, "I have seen the vines of the beast only out of the corner of my eye when looking at a mirror. Yet I sense it is coming for me." This ended all colony efforts.   While these events were tragic and mystifying. They also seemed to offer hope to the besieged wall. When the Union was started the church heavily enforced detailed reports from those on watch. These reports were written on clay tablets or bark books and kept in a vault in Tashan. After careful and repeated study. It was discovered that while there was a crusade or active colony in Nerian. There were no monsters found within 50 miles of the wall. However as soon as humans were not in Nerian the monsters returned. However not in greater numbers but less. During a meeting of the Elder Council it was decided to attempt an experiment. Because of the famine the crime rates in each nation had increased. In response all murderers and rapists in the Gocho, Aleum, and Itzamatul. Were exiled in Nerian. After the criminals were released the Wardens threw down bags of food and tools from the wall. The criminals were told if they ever came within sight of the wall they would be killed. Hungry to be free once more they all left into the desert. For 3 years there wasn't a single raid against the wall.   This led to a custom among the Union. All criminals convicted of treason, murder, rape or piracy were exiled beyond the wall. Each group of exiles is given a days worth of rations and simple tools for survival. In the following two hundred years. No monsters were ever seen near the wall. After 75 years a tribe of exiles attempted to attack the wall but were quickly repulsed. The church has attempted to send scouting parties into Nerian to discover why the monsters have disappeared. Currently, no answers have been found. The reports they have brought back however show little change to Nerian. While the exiles have formed a few tribes. They are all nomadic. Those who attempted to build or stay in one place for too long have all disappeared.

Technological Level

Bronze Age
Founding Date
Political, Alliance
Alternative Names
Great Alliance, The Union
Training Level
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Power Structure

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