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Nacre Isles

2 Leafturn, 2005

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Sometimes called the Pearl of the Far East, the archipelago or stretch of Nacre Isles are found at the far east of the world, in the largest continent, Aza. It is surrounded by the following bodies of water: East Nacrean Seas where the Fortified Shoals are located, and beyond that, the Tempest Ocean, all in the east; in the south is the Iron Sea where the Iron Flower from southern archipelago of Anatara; in the southwest of Nacrea, south of Palwar island, is the Wavy Sea; in the west is the South T'sin Sea, where the Twig Islands are disputed by several nations but mainly by Nacrea and the T'sin Empire; lastly, the Aluson Strait through the Batan Islands in the north, which is near the democratic country of Tayan, the political vassal of the Empire of T'sin.   Nacrea Isles are divided into three major groups.  The largest island in the north Aluson along with its southwest island stretch called Palwar and its tail of landmass on the southeast called Bikod Provinces. It also includes the Batan Islands in the north.
It has a number of prominent mountains and valleys. The coldest part of the country, Rope Mountain Range seated in the middle from north going down south until the Asinan Province, the salt basin. Mother Mountain Ranges is the shield from the storms from Tempest Ocean in the east. Tagayan Valley is in the middle of these two ranges where the Gayan River flows. The Horseman mountains are found south of the valley, connecting the Rope and Mother Mountain Ranges, and is the souce of the Gayan River. The Mountains of Zambal is south of the Asinan Province. Many superstitions surrounds these mountains, not to mention they house the supposed to be deadliest volcano in the archipelago's history, Growth Mount.
The second largest island in the southernmost part, Min-Lanao, which means Lake People. It is surrounded by Tempest Ocean from the east, which is beyond the Nacrean Sea; the Iron Seas in the south where the Iron Flower Isles are; the Sea of Currents where the Wave Islands

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