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The Silverstone Castle

The Castle of Silverstone has been the biggest and most determinative building of Neh'rel . Since the nation of Rel'sora moved to the island and claimed it as their own, it has been the seat of power in the place. Having withstood sieges, storms and fires, it is no longer what it used to be, but the power is still radiating from the walls. Visitors feel oppressed, as if they were tiny and insignificant between them, yet the inhabitants of the island find the place warm and cozy, a calm refuge from the harsh weather outside.

Purpose / Function

The castle was built to be the seat of power on the island of Neh'rel , and it has always served its function. The royal family watched over their people from this seat of theirs, and buried those accused of crimes in the depths of its dungeons.


Since its original building, the castle had to undergo several repairs and enforcements, resulting in near-indestructable architecture. When due to the trades with other islands horses have been acclimatized on Neh'rel, the castle was extended with a stable, and later on with a second tower.


With walls made of the hardest stone, by hands of not elegant artists but brute miners at the time, the castle is as bulky as the nation that first settled on the island. Now the outer walls are covered with moss and other plants, making the whole picture much less rigid. As bulky and simple on the outside, as friendly in the inside. The stone structure of the castle remains rigid everywhere, most rooms of the place have been redecorated, by workers of other nations, to the liking of the Royal family. The interior is now smoothened by elegantly carved furniture, carpets and paintings. Some rooms however remain intentionally as they used to be, such as the throneroom, which has to always symbolise sheer power and not the elegance of royalty.


The building took place as soon as the first people arrived on the island, and most of it has been finished by 5 AS. It has been inhabited by the rulers of the island ever since, whoever they might be. The first tower was build only 1 year after that. The use of horses and the building of the stables happened in 52 AS and the tower in 55 AS.

Parent Location
Included Locations
Rocwil Quartz
Owning Organization
Neh'relean Royal Family
Characters in Location

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