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Rocwil Quartz

Duke Rocwil Theodor Quartz (a.k.a. The Cold Rock)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fairly average looking, with a skin a shade brighter than his ancestors. Quite overweight, without any stamina or agility.

Body Features

Black, straight hair, reaching his shoulders, pale skin.

Facial Features

A trimmed black beard and a stern expression on his face.

Physical quirks

Right handed. When idle, usually holds his hands together.

Apparel & Accessories

Despite his wealth, he wears no jewelries or accessories.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rocwil had a hard childhood. He lacked affection... His father never forgave the terrible accident at birth and his nurses could not provide as much comfort as a parent. As a descendant of the royal family, everyone he contacted regarded him with respect...and distance. Without emotional support, he grew rigid over the time, more and more locking all emotions out of his life and never sharing anything with anyone. He reached adulthood as a rigid, intolerant man, although honorable with a sense of justice. Not that he cared for the "good and bad", he just blindly believed in law as the motivation for his judgement. He felt nothing when his father finally passed away. That is when he earned his nickname - the Cold Rock. As a politician, he was feared, because of his probity, yet he had no intentions or ambitions of any sort.


Receiving the usual education of the royals, Rocwil became a learnt and literate man. As a child, he spent endless hours reading books of fantasy, yet less and less as he aged. After a time, he only read books involving the laws of nations to find comfort in the ultimate truth.


As leader of Neh'rel , his duty is to lead his people towards a better future and enfore the law on his lands - the latter he does flawlessly. In occasion of a foreign invasion, highly unlikely, that is, he needs to act as the military commander of his army: a title he gladly bestowed upon a lower ranking person.

Accomplishments & Achievements

One of his few achievements in life is to create the Tribunal. An organisation headed by the all-time ruler of the islands, that needs to act without political interests and only take the law into consideration, acting as court.

Failures & Embarrassments

As a self-conscious ruler, he got his will though with anything he wanted, and thus feels he had no failures in his adult life, besides one thing. Lacking emotion and will, he has not yet found a suitable partner for marriage, and fears of the consequences if he does not succeed in producing an heir to follow him as the leader of the nation.

Mental Trauma

He never could process the death of his mother, nor the cold behaviour of his father towards him.

Intellectual Characteristics

Rigid, cold, materialistic, law-abiding, honourable, intolerant, emotionless, self-conscious.

Morality & Philosophy

Having lost all tolerance for humanity, emotions and common weaknessess, his only gauge is whether an action is lawful or not. He has no interest in bettering his people's lives whatsoever other than creating in his opinion the best set of laws and making sure it is enforced throughoutly.


Mentioning his mother is perhaprs the only thing to threaten the balance in his life, to temporarily break him out of his cold shell, with a burts of anger and defiance.

Personality Characteristics


Wishes to enforce the law on his people and update the laws until they are suitable to his liking. Deep inside, buried in himself, he still has the desire to be loved yet pushes away anyone who would get too close.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good memory, underdeveloped social skills.

Wealth & Financial state

As the Duke of Neh'rel and head of the Royal Family, he has access to any materialistic goods one could wish for. Be it exotic fruits from other nations, long-lost tomes, money, the best furniture or anything he wishes. Wearing the finest clothes of the world.

Current Location
The Silverstone Castle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duke of Neh'rel
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
His mother Clare Quartz died in childbirth.
The Silverstone Castle
Current Residence
The Silverstone Castle
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
grey, restless
black, straight, reaching his shoulders
Skin Tone
1.75 m
80 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
Law means unity, and strength for us. I hereby decree to set up the Tribunal, the court of the country. None shall stand above it, and none shall stand above the law.
Aligned Organization
Neh'relean Royal Family
Known Languages
Common Human Language

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