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Bay of Arrival

The sailors never saw a sight so beautiful. A bay. Land. A new home. The Rel'sorean people quickly sailed to the shore, and named the place the "Bay of Arrival". The only place suitable for docking ships on Neh'rel, the Bay is an ever busy trading centre full of ships of all kinds.


With its vast size, it is able to provide space for all ships that need a place to anchor. Yet it is well protected from the treacherous currents and waves of the open sea. Mountains and the castle looming on one side, a city and a forest on the other, it is a wonder to see. At it's very end, one can find the great harbour city of Nak'ar.

Flora & Fauna

Once full of diverse life, now an empty mass of water. The human activites have made most animals, especially those of bigger sizes, flee. Those which did not, which tried to adjust, have been hunted down. A few species of smaller fish still remain - supplying the island with in itself insufficient amount of food. The fauna is also restricted to smaller plants growing underwater, not disturbing the movement of ships.

Natural Resources

Rich with species of edible fish, in an ever declining amount.
Location under

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