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The Nation of the East System (TNES)


The nation has the three branches of government, the executive, the legislative and the judicial branch. The executive branch can veto any representative of the legislative or judicial branch. The others branches do their respective branch.

Public Agenda

To keep the alliances of the confederation together.


The last of the free nations formed. This territory even after the revolution, the terrans and martians held control of the delta system which was still reliant on supplies from the TTAMC. The revolution was more of a reformation of the government. A democratic party was formed named the terran and martian party (TTAMP) from the old TTAMC. The party got support from the immigrants from the other rebellious colonies who wanted to be part of the TTAMC. The party remained in control until 217 PSR. When this happened the last direct influence over the territories beyond the funnel was lost. By then the immigrants were assimilated into the TNES. The main asset of the TNES is it's influence. It continues to keep its web of alliances even after the great war. After the great war, the TNES grew its influence and keeps the confederation together which it relies on.


Hidden bases and small military guerilla forces in the fields of wheat and cattle or stony mountains.

Trade & Transport

Large train and ship systems that connect the small bases and towns.


A 12 year basic education of arithmetic and language. Then students choose either a 4 year eduction of farming innovation and procedure or a 6 year creative works.


Smalling farming villages and large cities on Hand and small underground bases on the Lion Belt and etc.

Long live the alliance!

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The eastern democracy
The east nation
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
TNES dollar
Major Exports
Food and water
Major Imports
Finished products and metals and minerals.
Legislative Body
The parliament of legislature.
Judicial Body
The parliament of judges.
Delta system
Official Languages
Controlled Territories

Assimilation of people, culture and territory

The TTAMC used to rule over the territory now called the TNES, but after a revolution they handed it over and have become assimilated into a party of the new democracy.

Defence pact

The defence pact causes the TNES to give up a portion of its tax income as well as crops which the TFNOS lacks. In exchange the TFNOS has commited a part of its army to the TNES.

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