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A long, long time ago Magic was found and it changed the face of the universe Gods were made and they changed the fate of all   But this is not their story, not anymore. Our story begins with two worlds colliding. The modern world of man and that of magic, which has grown in parallel to our own. Now with the reality of dragons vying for territory, Gods exercising their power, powerful kingdoms entering politics, Mages crashing the stockmarket and wizards building towers in the strangest of places.   It is time for the modern world to adapt or else be conquered.   While many strange and wonderul people are in the world, we will ffoucs on the adventures of a young man that goes from learning that wizards are indeed a thing, and that he can indeed become one. However it is not an easy path to walk down. Meanwhile, a young woman with devils blood in her veins finds her luck running thin as blood oaths she had made in the past catch up with her, forcing her into the upheaval of the modern world, for better or for worse.

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