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All throughout their lives, from the time that they're born, people are sorted into categories. "The Anis", "The Elves", "The Vamps", "The Purebreds", etc. And all throughout their lives, people are segregated and discriminated against because of these categories. Well, worry not! The first species-inclusive school has opened up! We welcome all of you, at least, all of you conscious enough to hold a pen and read, to join our school! We hope to see you soon!   The promise of joy and interesting things came from this school. The hopes and dreams of society. And the lucky students who were sent there were the best from all the countries. However, the reality hurt a lot more than the pipe dream. The reality was bullying, discrimination, cruelty, and hatred, even coming from more than other students. The teachers had no problems showing their favoritism towards their own species, even going so far as to blatantly fail other species. However, groups rose from the confusion, hoping to fix the issue.   The Originals: Just let things go back to the way they were before the school. We were all doing fine separately, just leave it at that.   The Strain: Stop discrimination. Let it be more than a pipe dream. Open the borders between the countries and let them deal with their issues before taking them to school. Then deal with this.   The two groups are each trying to make an impact, and both are trying to do it to things that are bigger than themselves. Will they be able to do it? Will they be able to change the world, and will it be for good... or will it all come crashing down at their feet.