Week of 28 June 2020

Lockdown Week 19

Making History:

  The Runner,
a collection of poems
about Pyrrha of Thebes,
this week
became the first manuscript
to be published
on World Anvil's
new publishing platform.
  WHAT   AN   HONOR!   This platform
(now in Alpha release)
is yet another reason
why authors should join
World Anvil.  


A Patron Bonus!


Tricked for the last time by Prometheus, Zeus vows revenge on the mortal race. New verses to be unlocked as community goals are met.

The Runner

Now Complete:

The Runner

In a time of disease and social distancing, the Seven-Gated City cowers in fear. But in the city's darkest hour, a hero will rise to set things right...or die in the attempt.

And Then, An Amazon

In Progress...

And Then, An Amazon

After the funeral of Hector, a demoralized city of Troy finds a new champion. Can Penthesilea and her Amazons turn the tide of the war?

Penthesilea in Verse

  Quintus of Smyrna picked up his story
so soon after the Iliad
that he doesn't
or establish the characters.   For your benefit,
here's a missing scene
with Achilles and friends.  

Pandora in Verse:

  With five more Patrons,
Verse #2
will be unlocked!  
    • Link: Pandora
    • Now Unlocked: Verse 1: "The Spark"
    • Next Reward at 5 Patrons: Verse 2: "The Mastercraft"

Summer Camp!

  July will be
a month of creativity.
of creativity.
The infrastructure of the website
is in place.
Boom, boom, boom!

This has been Week 19 of the 2020 Lockdown.
Week 1 of the Opening starts now!


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