Week of 26 July 2020

2020 Summer
Week 4

Fall of Troy Department

  New verse for the public release:
"The City Burns!"
with more introspection from Good King Priam
and prophecies from Cassandra.   Preview verse for Patrons and Educators:
"The Embassy at the Tomb, Part III"
where the representatives of Agamemnon
make a final plea to Achilles.   Link: Request Educator Access
Link: Provide Patron Support  

And Then, An Amazon

Amazon HQ   Can Penthesilea and her Amazons
turn the tide of the Trojan War?  

Mythoversal Theogony Department

  The next verse
opens for you,
if you can find the code.   You will need to sign up for a free World Anvil account
to participate in the Pandora Challenge.   Link: Create a World Anvil Account
Link: Log In  


Pandora HQ   Tricked for the last time by Prometheus,
Zeus vows revenge on the mortal race.
Pandora: Open it.  

Development Department

  Better organized menus,
More descriptive blocks,
New index pages (started),
More on the way!   On the roadmap:
Homeschool resources
Creative resources
Policy clarification
Prep for the school year  

Summer Camp Department

  We've won a bronze medal, answering 10 prompts
working toward silver, answering 20 prompts
can we take home the gold by answering 30?


  Muse of Belief
or Goddess of Conspiracy Theories?
Polyhymnia, Muse of Belief
"The Nine Muses - Polyhymnia (Rhetoric)" (1781) by Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder (1722 - 1789)

Guardian Dragons

  These powerful creatures
hide knowledge
and thrive on ignorance.

Garden of the Hesperides

  At the edge of the world
is a garden
where the sun stops every evening
to take a rest.
Garden of Hesperides
"Garden of Hesperides" (c. 1898) by Albert Herter (1871 – 1950)

The Golden Letter E

  Plutarch's favorite letter
provides enduring mysteries.

Moon-Chariot of Selene

  When the greatest vehicle
under the sun
isn't the sun,
it's got to be the moon!
Week 5 of the 2020 Summer Season begins.   Release the Kraken!

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