Week of 21 June 2020

Week 18

An Apology:

  You were promised
a story
about Pandora.   Yeah.   The plan...   was to release
a chapter a week,
starting today,
but then an Amazon came...

Penthesilea in Verse

  This fascinating tale
couldn't wait its turn.
It begins
where the Iliad leaves off.   Which means...

Pandora in Verse:

  ...is now an experiment.   This previously scheduled chapter
is available, as a premium for logged-in Patrons.
The more Patrons we get,
the more chapters will be revealed.  
    • Link: Pandora
    • Now Unlocked: Verse 1: "The Spark"
    • Next Reward at 5 Patrons: Verse 2: "The Mastercraft"

This has been Week 18 of 2020.
Week 19 starts now!


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