September 14, 2020

2020 Summer Transition

"Through retold myths, informational articles, and educational resources, Mythoversal seeks to foster a deeper understanding of traditional cultures, their impact on each other, and on the modern world."
— MiV Mission Statement
  Exciting things are happening. This month Mythology in Verse is getting a new name, a new logo, a new URL, and new graphics. As the transition progresses, you'll see more and more pages referencing the Mythoversal website, the Mythoversal Realms setting, and the Mythoversal Tales set of interlinked myth-based stories.   The official grand reopening will happen...soon.  

New Graphics

  I'm using an early beta of an app called Portrait Workshop to create graphics for the verse chapters of An Then, An Amazon. As the app develops, so will the graphics.   Here is a header that will appear over verse chapters that focus on Penthesileia and King Priam:  
Penthesileia and Priam.png

From the Epic Mythoverse

amazon cover.jpg
After the Iliad, in a city under siege, with the gods of Olympus at each other's throats, a tragically misthrown javelin brings a crew of Amazon warriors into the next battle of the Trojan War. And Then, An Amazon is Greg R. Fishbone's masterful adaptation of this ancient tale of love and war, building on three thousand years of Epic tradition.
  VerseChapter 12, "A Table of Allies" in The Penthesileiad , continues the reception thrown by the King of Troy upon the arrival of Penthesileia and her Amazon crew. At this table, we meet some of the foreign allies who have allowed Troy to withstand nearly ten years of siege.   VerseChapter 13, "The Judgment of Paris" in The Penthesileiad , provides a judgment of Paris by his sister-in-law, Andromache, who isn't inclined to be charitable when it comes to the pain an suffering he has inflicted on the families of Troy.   VerseChapter 14, "A Dance of Conversation" in The Penthesileiad , is a conversational dance that anticipates a detailed conversation of terms under which Penthesileia and her crew might join the Trojan side in the war.   Together, these chapters in verse move our story through the hospitality portion of the evening into the explosive fireworks yet to come. New VerseChapters drop every Sunday.  

Manuscript in Progress:


The Penthesileiad

  Much progress is being made! The manuscript is the focus of my efforts right now, which you won't be able to see until the chapters are published.   At the moment, I've surpassed 18,000 words in 37 VerseChapters. That's 18,000 out of an eventual I-have-no-idea. The manuscript will be as long as it needs to be in order to retell the original story in my own style. When I started, I thought it might take 20,000 words to flesh out this story, but now I expect it to be closer to 30,000 if not more to make the characters more dimensional and foreshadow events in this and future books.  

Looking Forward

  Expect more transition news, more content, and more chapters in verse. If there's anything specific you want to see here, or are you are able to volunteer your mythological skills to making these pages more extensive, let me know!  
--Greg R. Fishbone,
Author In Residence

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