First and Then

Always first, a prophecy.
The Muses love their prophecy.
And then a match.
And then a wedding.
And still an Amazon waits.

And then an uninvited guest.
And then a golden apple.
And then a beauty contest.
And still an Amazon waits.

And then a stolen bride.
And then a virgin sacrifice.
And then a fleet of warships.
And still an Amazon waits.

And then a city besieged.
And then a sulking warrior.
And then a slain companion.
And then a fallen enemy.
And then a desecrated corpse.
And then a pleading father.
And then a funeral pyre.

And then Penthesilea,
Daughter of Otrera
And great-hearted,

And then an Amazon comes.

"First and Then"
©2020 Greg R. Fishbone

And then, a story begins...

This poem opens And Then, An Amazon, the first chapter of The Fall of Troy, a serialized novel in verse by Greg R. Fishbone. The story is set during the Greek siege of Troy, just after the events of the Iliad, based on the Epic Cycle of Greek and Roman Mythology. Each poem builds on the ones that came before, so the story will make the most sense if you continue in order using the navigation links at the bottom of each poem.
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And Then, An Amazon

Collection The Fall of Troy
Title "First and Then"
Order Amazon, Verse 1
Date Published June 21, 2020

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