Becoming Hercules

YA mythic fantasy
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  Becoming Hercules is a premiere Kindle Vella serial from the mind of Galaxy Games author Greg R. Fishbone. Initial episodes launch in July 2021 with additional episodes releasing weekly.   This young adult mythic fantasy is based on lost myths hinted at in the 2nd Century travelogues of Pausanias. The story twists Greek mythology in unexpected directions and follows the Mythoversal mission of restoring diversity and inclusion to classical tales.   You will be able to read Becoming Hercules on the Vella platform on Kindle for iOS, through, and through the upcoming Mythoversal Premium service.  
Becoming Hercules is grounded in Greek mythology. But instead of the heroes we usually read about, we’ll follow some lesser-known characters who must discover extraordinary strengths and powers of their own in a world that has no Hercules…or at least not yet.”
— Author Greg R. Fishbone

The Plot

  Pyrrha's ancestor hatched from a dragon's tooth. Iphicles is a soldier of Ethiopian heritage. Alkis is a girl with the strength of ten men. In Mythoversal Thebes, they will confront ancient mysteries, defend their home from monsters, and chase forbidden dreams.  

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The Characters

  The multicultural city of Mythoversal Thebes is home to gods, heroes, monsters, and just plain folks.  
BH Characters
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The Characters of Becoming Hercules



  In Greek mythology, the Theban Cycle is a collection of stories set in Boeotian Thebes during the Cadmeian Dynasty. The versions of these stories that would have been told in ancient Thebes have mostly been lost to us. Instead, we have the more prominent works of Athenian playwrights, who used a twisted version of Thebes as a socially acceptable stand-in for Athens, allowing cover for coded criticism of Athens, its culture, and its rulers.   Mythoversal Thebes is a speculative reconstruction of the Theban Cycle based on existing sources, modern archaeology, and a whole lot of wild imagination.  
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The story before the story starts


Latest News

  New episodes drop on Mythic Mondays. Read three free episodes of Becoming Hercules on Kindle Vella. Redeem your Vella Tokens to binge the rest.
Becoming Hercules
Season 1
”The Seventh Seed”
“Disgrace and Decline”
“Reviewing the Troops”
In Progress


Author's Notes

Sage gfishbone

Greg R. Fishbone
Greg R. Fishbone, Author in Residence at Mythoversal, is the former publisher of Mythic Heroes magazine and author of fantasy and sci-fi books for young readers. He is currently presenting disrupted retellings of the Iliad and Posthomerica, and the upcoming serial, Becoming Hercules, fiction set in Mythoversal Thebes.

  This story was originally written in prose, but it felt so much like poetry that I had to express it in a different format. Thanks for putting up with my experimentation, and let me know what you think!

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