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The Fall of Troy



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A Bronze Age Greek army is more than nine years into a brutal campaign against the Anatolian city of Troy. The war is being waged by the Achaean overlord, Agamemnon, and his allies from across the lands of Hellas. They fight to restore the honor of Agamemnon's brother, Menaleus, whose wife, Helen, eloped with a Trojan prince named Paris. Paris and Helen are sheltering in Troy, and so the city must burn.   The story of Achilles and his anger, the Iliad, ended with devastating losses on both sides. Achilles's closest friend, Patroclus, is dead, as is Hector, Troy's strongest protector. The two sides have paused to mourn for their dead before resuming their years-long stalemate.
  And then, an Amazon came...  

Chapter 1:
And Then, An Amazon


Verse 1: "First and Then"

  Events that have led us to this point.  
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It may help to read the Iliad by Homer first.

Verse 2: "The Embassy at the Tomb, Part I"

  A grieving Achilles has some visitors.  
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In the Achaean camp:
    • Achilles: The best fighter of the Achaeans.
    • Odysseus: A cunning trickster from the island of Ithaca.
    • Great Ajax: Cousin to Achilles, not to be confused with Little Ajax.
    • Podarces: Brother to the war's first casualty.
    • Thersites: Generally despised by his allies for being socially unaware.


Verse 3: Ride, Amazons, Ride!

  In which we meet Penthesileia and her riders.  
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Penthesileia's Amazon companions:
    • Swift-footed Clonie
    • Flame-haired Polemousa
    • Man-slaying Derinoe
    • Far-throwing Evandre
    • Clever Antandre
    • War-scarred Hippothoe
    • Dark-eyed Harmothoe
    • Good-hearted Alcibie
    • Horse-taming Antibrote
    • Pack-laden Derimacheia
    • Cunning Thermodosa
    • Glorious Bremousa


Verse 2: "The Embassy at the Tomb, Part II"

  The Achaeans try to bring Achilles back to the battle. Again.   Coming July 12, 2020.  


  Epic Cycle of Greek Mythology originally included works between the Iliad and the Odyssey. These now-lost tales recounted additional events surrounding the fall of Troy including the death of Achilles, the construction of the Trojan Horse, and the destruction of the city itself. The next book after the Iliad, called the Aethiopis, began with the story of the Amazon warrior Penthesileia, who fought on the side of the Trojans. Most modern editions of the Iliad end with the funeral of Hector, but some ancient versions of the Iliad provided a transition: "And then, an Amazon came..."   Fragments and summaries offer clues, but the most detailed and complete version of the story that still exists is The Fall of Troy or Posthomerica by Quintus Smyrnaeus, tentatively dated to the 3rd or 4th Century CE. We don't know much about Quintus, except that he hailed from Roman-occupied Anatolia, near the spot where the ruins of Troy were located, that he wrote in Greek, and that he had access to sources and traditions that are no longer available.


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And Then, An Amazon

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