Things Dionysus Might Say

I am not the god of grapes
you can call me the god of wine.

I am not the god of apples
you can call me the god of cider.

Bees are not within my realm
you can call me the god of mead.

I don't command the colonies of yeast
that turn your barley to make your beer,
that turn your potatoes into vodka,
that turn your juniper into gin,
that turn your rice into sake,
you can call me the god of altered states,
the god of expanded consciousness,
the god of spiritual visions,
the god of greater appreciation for the special interconnection we all have with each other and the entire cosmos!

And also,
the god of puking
because often, a good purge is needed after appreciating one's special interconnection with the cosmos.

And also,
the god of those frogs you can suck on to get high.
I totally created those.

"Things Dionysus Might Say"
©2020 Greg R. Fishbone

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Title "Things Dionysus Might Say"
Collection Short Takes
Date Published September 15, 2020
Author Note Dionysus whispered this in my ear as I was picking grapes from a friend's vines.

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16 Sep, 2020 22:30

I like the poem.

Sage gfishbone
Greg R. Fishbone
17 Sep, 2020 16:11

Thanks, Jaya!

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