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Steel Assembly


The Mantle - Elected Leader of the Assembly   The Triumvirate - The assembled leaders of the allied parties   The Sage of History - Leader of the Archivists   The Imperator of the Arcane - Leader of the Arcane Circle   The Grey Exarch - Leader of the Halls of Wisdom   Chronicor - High ranking members of each organization, tasked with helping the Triumvirate with research and advice.

Public Agenda

To remember history and learn from the mistakes of the past, blending wisdom with magic to avoid another incident like the Epoch of Peril.


The Mages and magical knowledge of the Arcane Circle, The Libraries and Research of the Archivists, and the Wisdom and Experience of the Order of Wisdom.


The Steel Assembly was created 1100 years after the Epoch of Peril, during a period of upheaval and a resurgence of Arcane experimentation. The Frenzied Folk were ravaging the land and the tribes and kingdoms threatened by their horde were searching for ways to defend themselves. Some of those ways were feared to pose a possible threat to civilization, and members of the Arcane Circle were concerned that they heralded a return to the days of the Epoch of Peril. They approached members of the Order of Wisdom in search of advice, and the Grey Halls turned to the Archivists for knowledge of the past in order to better understand the present. As the three organizations worked together, they began to find that their particular talents and interests lined up with each other, and they began to find they were better able to achieve their goals when they worked together. Thus, the Steel Assembly was born, named for the home in which they first met. A leader was chosen from among the triumvirate, and the first Mantle appointed a successor to his position, creating the leadership which continues to this day. The tribal leaders and kings were not pleased to have the assembly poking its nose into their kingdom's affairs, and many dug their heels in, continuing their experiments and attempting to hide their covert operations from assembly investigators. It wasn't until the creation of Archren that the assembly really began to gain power. King Erbin really took their concerns to heart, and his successor, Gustav, granted them power over all mage activities in the kingdom. Through the years the assembly's influence grew until it acquired the power to 'advise' even high ranking members of the government, and though the king is technically still above them in power structure, he almost always listens to their counsel. This makes them perhaps the most influential group on Flindreck, their power even extending into Ardent's territory, though the newer kingdom is more hesitant to have a group based in Archren telling them what to do.

Wisdom in all, Restraint in Self, Remembrance to Learn

Founding Date
Political, Faction / Party
Alternative Names
The Assembly
Leader Title

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