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Vharus the 21st of Deepsnow

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This world is old... The magic it once saw has worn it down and most of it's 4 continents are dotted with remnants of ancient Elvish civilizations. The 'Calamity' this world suffered thousands of years ago ended the reign of the Elves and gave the younger races a chance to compete for dominance.   The Dwarves’ mighty underground kingdoms, unified under the Low King take little notice of the world outside, only interested in trade and building fantastic feats of engineering. But up north, in the city of Daggomern, something is brewing…   Mankind, meanwhile has taken up this freedom by expanding rapidly. The Tulon empire is taking over kingdom after kingdom under the lead of an enigmatic Emperor who never shows her face. Will she be able to control all these new territories, where not everyone is happy to be part of a new empire?   And while all this is going on, there are rumors of something stirring in the south again. Reports of brutish creatures attacking settlements that once were under the protection of the elves. A word that had lost its meaning for thousands of years is slowly regaining the fear and terror it once held: "Orc"