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A World of Ancient History. It contains hundreds of islands and continents, each with its own unique people's, history, culture, religions, and so on.   God, how many times have you heard that generic, bland description? A dozen? Maybe two? I know I've heard it that many times. Well, Myfor does have all of those things, but with a twist.   In this world, a recent phenomenon has given people superhuman abilities, even though society is still essentially in the Early Renaissance era. Abilities, known as Aspects, can give the user a particular power. Metal Control, Vines for Hands, giving people Literal Headaches, you name it.   Now history has been changed forever. Societies, organizations, religions, cultures, entire nations, are now in a period of turmoil. The pre-existing structure of all of those facets of civilizations are now challenged, for better, or for worse.