The Spectaculars: A Rock and a Hard Place

A D&D adventure for 3-5 players

write up for the Spectaculars



  • Mitchim
  • Baelling
  • Jasper Cleaveland
  • Halim
  • Rasha


the bandits



The Long Road

  • the road runs through Hoggetown
  • young bandits hid traps on the roadHoggetown


  • old goliath settlement
  • humans came, and the two populations coexisted
  • direboar ranches in the plains in the valley


  • run by Jasper Cleaveland
  • 3 goliaths in the tavern

Triboar Trail

Towards Hoggetown


Main conflict Show Spoiler

two primordials have developed a territory dispute in the area, and the land has split into half wasteland, and half overgrown jungle


1 Intro - 40 min

  • Introduction of the characters through Mitchim's POV
  • Perception check - a covered hole in the road, breaks the axel and injures Halim, the mooselike pseudo-griffin
  • The young bandits Bailling and Deved try to hold up the party
  2 Obstacles - 100 min
  • Galeb Duhr -
  • Chwinga - friendly encounter

1 Showdown - 40 min

  • Combat Option
  • Xorn
  • Social Option
  • Returning


  • Primordial A thinks that its sibling stole its pet (the mini flail snail)
  • Is the agressor
  • Primordial B did not
  • Is on the defense
  • The actual thief was a minion of Primordial B
  • took the keepsake of A
  • Wanted it for its own and is too scared to come forward now that things has spiraled out of control
  • When they get along they combine
  • The land starts slowly coming back into balance


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