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Imperial Common

Imperial Common is the official language of the Triamic Empire. It was declared the official language by Primas the Great when Heartland was formed.
Before that, it was called Riverlands, the native language of the Sheyla Kingdom, which was itself a bastardization of a couple languages. Their language was based off the original Plains language that was local to the area, but with heavy influences from Middle Kaelic (the language of Lumina clergy, which was itself the descendant of Ancient Kaelic) and Mukala (as the Mukala Dominion had occupied their land for a few centuries).
The language is best described as "scattershot."
With the rise of the Triamic Empire, the language has been spread as the official lingua franca of all provinces. While each province is allowed its own languages for private use (some still in active use, like Sands Trade and Silvenni), trade, business, and literature are to be conducted in Common.
Root Languages

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