Seneca Hotel

The Seneca Hotel is owned and operated by me,¬†Henry Brandt. My grandfather built the hotel back in the 1840s just as Munson's industry started to take off. I was in my 20s at the time and helped him and my father every step of the way. I remember Grandpa Ben said it needed to be something special, something that folks coming from bigger cities would visit and feel right at home, not like they were staying out in some halfway house in the middle of nowhere.   20 rooms and four floors with everything kept immaculately clean, just like grandpa would have wanted it. My housemaid Della Crandall¬†keeps tabs on everything for me. Nothing escapes her notice.   We also boast a billiards room and a large library with shelves that go up to the ceiling, filled with books on all manner of topics: natural sciences, literature, history, folktales, and much more.


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