Sampson and Co. Wagon Shop

The Sampson and Co. Wagon Shop owned and operated by Sadie Sampson  Nothing particularly spectacular, the shop is a barn-sized building that has an elevated track to allow for easier access to the undercarriage and wheels of wagons. Sadie makes it a point to hire mostly itinerant workers, especially those who mean to stay on only for a few weeks, and never more than a pair or trio at a time. She says it guards against people stealing the family secrets when it comes to efficient repairs.   Whatever those secrets are, they're worth quite a bit. The workers she hires usually tend to be laze-abouts and drunks, more often seen playing dice or sleeping on a sunny patch of grass rather than toiling in the shop. Still, the wagon work gets done well, on time, and a fraction of the price in other towns. A lot of people don't want to question how Sadie manages her affairs; others seem bound and determined to throw a stick in her spokes.

Uncanny Occurrence

Sadie Sampson has often been accused of being lazy and a poor manager, but it is often for the accusers to wind up with egg on their faces. Work is finished on time, despite Ms. Sampson's nonchalance and apparent lack of work ethic. Even for those in the area who appreciate the work, there's something not right about the situation. Some of the more superstitious in town question if Sampson is a witch, working through the night with the aid of the devil.


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