Della Crandall

Della Crandell is a prim and proper lady, wearing her hair short as to make it more easy to complete her work around the Seneca Hotel. Due to our long association with the hotel and Ms. Crandall's impeccable work ethic and personal demeanor, everyone in town knows that she and I are more close friends than employer and worker.   Ms. Crandall is a very outspoken individual, and I have learned to respect her ability to stand her ground when defending her choices and opinions. This attitude has made Ms. Crandall fast friends with Celia Hooker. There is often the occasion that Ms. Crandall has requested time off or to leave work early in order to meet up with Ms. Hooker, a strange behavior by most standards, but I suppose that they are just "Gals Being Pals" as it were and she does more than her fair share of work around here.   Ms. Crandall is one of the best people to come to to gain knowledge about the people of Munson. Whether it be the habits of high society types around town such as Bettie Ransted and Adolph Bogardus , or the more common lives of workers Guy Sours and Herman Ilermet , Ms. Crandall is the one to go to.


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