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The Blanks

The Blanks is what makes up 95% of the Continent Kyzun. The only reason anyone is willing to come to such a terrible and desolate place is because of the high concentration of archaeological discoveries that have been made here.


The Blanks is a seemingly endless flatland with little to no variation in the landscape. Part salt flat and part cracked wasteland The Blanks are an unforgiving environment with nothing to give and all to willing to take, and to make it even more dangerous are the pools of mud buried beneath the thin crust fueled by underground reservoirs and rivers; one false step and you sink into a mud pool that you may never get out of again.

Fauna & Flora

There is very little that can survive in a place like this, predominately being birds of prey and scavenging beasts roam the wasteland, searching for the unfortunate soul that lost their way in this terrible place. There are some beasts that are both brave enough and strong enought to dare The Blanks, living solitary lives in constant search for food.   Plant life is virtually nonexistent here, whatever dosen't get blown away gets eaten by the few inhabitants of this place. Although, if the ground is kind and the winds are kinder some short grasses and other plants can be found growing in cracks near undisturbed mudpools, around deviations in the height of the land, and underground as roots.   The only life that lives here are things too stubborn to die. The only exception to this rule are the massive number of air elementals that congregate here, for reasons unsure. It is hypothesized that The Blanks contain a large rift to the elemental plane of air, and/or air elementals are simply attracted to the natural wind power of this place.

Natural Resources

Concentrated Salt, Rock Salts, Dirt, Succulents.
Alternative Name(s)
The Kyzun Waste, The Windy Wastes
Salt flat
Location under

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