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Gehenna (Jen-na)

Gehenna is the realm of the Daemons and Demonic beings. They are strong, stubborn and manipulative beings who feast on souls dripping in Sin. There are four Kingdoms, three of which take up the western, eastern, and southern parts of Gehenna. These are the kingdoms of Vain (south), Despair (west) and Incubus (east). There, resides the Great Kings of Gehenna. But, on the northern side of the realm lies the main power of all of Gehenna; the Emperor. This is where Satan resides. Satan is the title of the being who is the head of the entire hierarchy of Gehenna. The original Emperor of Gehenna was Lucifer, but he was destroyed. The new King after him was Mors Vitae. He ruled for sixteen centuries, then was murdered by his own son.


EMPEROR OF GEHENNA: Currently, Spawn Balendin. Formerly, Mors Vitae. Formerly, Lucifer.   KING OF VAIN: Currently, none. Formerly, Mors Vitae.   KING OF INCUBUS: Currently, Rite. Formerly, Incubus.   KING OF DESPAIR: Currently, Duke. Formerly, Despair.

Public Agenda

The demonic beings strive to harvest souls in any way they can, so they are always prepared for war. They are not fond of Angelic creatures, but some do tolerate them.


Daemons are excellent sources of knowledge and are happy to spill it truthfully; as long as one correctly guesses their riddle. Once the riddle is guessed correctly, a daemon can use its powers to will metals, minerals and elements into existence. Reapers (or harvesters) are a subclass of d(a)emon that go to Mundus to gather souls. Usually, Reapers harvest the souls of sinful humans, as pure-souls can be gaurded by Caelus' Reapers; and no d(a)emon would want to fight an Angel.


Gehenna was created when Lucifer fell from Caelus. He willed it into existence with his sheer power and hatred. It was made in the image of what he thought was perfect (himself). He, and the angels that were cast down with him, built a Kingdom of massive proportions; not as large as Caelus, but close. There, he and the Angels created life forms, one of which was a Leviathan-like creature, which used so much power to create, that it destroyed the life-forms of three Angels and drained Lucifer. This creature, Lucifer named, the Dohegon. The Dohegon was Lucifer's greatest creation. It was a natural born powerhouse that could demolish Angels and Daemons alike. But Lucifer did not just stop with one, he created two more. The three, all matched in power, constantly fought, so Lucifer split them up and created three different Kingdoms for them to rule. These Dohegon's were named, Incubus, Despair and Vain. They had almost unlimited physical power, but the extent of their majiikcal power was shape shifting. They all had unique forms, as they used their power to create them. Vain was the first of the three, so while the other two were pretty much equal in power, Vain surpassed them both. He became Lucifer's right-hand man and his most trusted military general. Vain was a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. He won most of Lucifer's battles with Caelus, but was unable to win him the first two Holy Wars. The battle of the Holy Wars were always in Caelus' favor, yet, on the last one, instead of using brute strenght, Lucifer outsmarted the Angels. For about a year, Lucifer sent spies into Caelus to find their armory. Once they did, the war was in his favor. Lucifer had his spies raid Caelus' armory which was filled to the brim with Pure Souls. They sneaked these souls out of the Holy land and gave them to Lucifer's army to consume. This turned the tides of the war, as before, Lucifer's army was physically strong, but he did not have the millions of Angels that could just be pumped out as Caelus did. Now, Lucifer's behemoth berserkers were pumped with Pure Souls, making them even stronger and somewhat immortal. Lucifer won. He met with his brother Michael and begged him to end these meaningless wars, but Michael did not agree. Even on his knees, he stood tall with his beliefs that all demonic power should be eradicated. This hurt Lucifer, as he did not want to hurt his brother. Alas, Michael was too far gone to even fathom sympathy in this moment; he was too betrayed. He tried to strike his brother, but he was too late; for, Lucifer dealt the killing blow. Lucifer felt disgusted at his actions; disgusted by his demonic blood. He wished for peace, so, he abandoned Gehenna. And left to rule Caelus. He felt he himself could mend the wounds his brother opened, but every time he thought of Gehenna, he was reminded of his failures. Thus, he sought to destroy is very own creation. Vain, and the other Kings felt betrayed; Vain most of all. He became consumed with the utmost hatred for his once most trusted leader. He and the other Kings, along with some Angels from Caelus, sought to dethrone Lucifer. The Angels were just as hurt as the daemons in Gehenna. Lucifer ruled for a century, then was destroyed by Vain. The battle was brutal and forced Vain to think that punishment was the only way to keep loyalty. He became the new Emperor of Gehenna. The beings praised and honored him for his heroic sacrifice. Vain, instead of being a fair and proud leader, led as a Dictator. He removed all the citizens' rights to vote and turned Gehenna into a complete monarchy. He controlled everything. He murdered the other Kings so he could not be challenged for the Throne. No one dared to speak out against him, as he had a secret military police that would enforce his rules with brutal consequences. There was no freedom; everyone was told to think a certain way, all aspects of their lives were controlled. Vain, no longer wanting to be named by Lucifer, renamed himself, Mors Viate. From here, he destroyed everything and everyone related to Lucifer and created everything in his image. He named these new beings, Balendin. They were just like him, made from his power. These beings became Mors Vitae's closest advisers and went on to mate and spread the Balendin name and power all throughout Gehena.   For around 150 centuries, Mors Vitae ruled. In this time, he created the perfect mate for himself and had child with her. After his mate, which he named Vitani, gave birth; he killed her. Then, he raised their son, Spawn. Spawn inherited his fathers power and was also chosen by the Gods at birth to inherit theirs. This pleased Mors Vitae greatly. He knew Spawn would be the perfect prodigy. For years, he raised Spawn in seclusion. He had the oldest and wisest of his council teach him his basic needs and how to use his power. Eventually, Spawn became Mors Vitae's second in command. He was loyal to his father, until one day, when Paimon, a trusted adversary to the Emperor showed Spawn the truth about his father. Paimon led Spawn down into Gehenna's dungeons and took him to the back-most chamber. In there, held a body; shriveled, malnourished and scarred. Though the features looked quite familiar to Spawn. Paimon told him that the man in the cage was Vik; Spawn's brother. Vik was throne into the chamber by his father, for he was born with no power. Mors Vitae thought of him as a bastard child. He abused Vik until he was bored of the torture and told Paimon to dispose of him. Paimon did not have the heart, so he hid him in the depths of the dungeon. After this, Paimon told Spawn of the Dictator his father was. Spawn was outraged. He was young and full of anger, so the only thing he could think to do was kill his father. Though, he knew he could not overpower him, so he had to use the only thing he had to his name; the Bow of Solomon. He was gifted this weapon as a present from his father after Spawn completed his martial and weapon training. No being could even touch the bow as it was infused with Godly power. Only a God or one with God-like power could wield this weapon. Spawn was the only one in his lifetime that could. So, he did. And shot and killed his father. Spawn did not know what to do after that, as he knew he still had so much more to learn about everything. He thought that he was not fit to be the new King, so, he abandoned the Throne and fled to Mundus.   Centuries later, Spawn became enlightened, and returned to the Throne to recreate Gehenna to what it should have been millenniums ago; free.

Paccatum, Potentia, Victoria

Founding Date
When Lucifer fell.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Daemon, Demon, Demonic being
Spawn Balendin

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