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Mundus is an Earth-like planet with a unique ability to realm-shift; meaning that it has access to two different realms. These two realms are, Caelus and Gehenna. Within each of these planes of existence lives creatures of all shape and species. From fae to daemons, angels and humans, Minotaur and wolf-men, ect. Mundus is also home to majiik users- or wizards, some call them.   These "wizards" can be anybody, for majiik can be used by any creature. But only certain beings can practice majiik and perfect it. These beings live in a high counsel outside of Mundus, but there are some who do live on the planet and its realms. Majiik is nature, but it is coded with colors, which can be used based on ones initial power or with practice. If one desires to train themselves in majiik, their spirit will manifest a small hat and wing-like appendages that float a few inches away from the body. This is an indicator to others that that person is a regular majiik user. The color code is the basic hue spectrum of all the colors, there is no real hierarchy with the colors, for one can either master many or just one. These colors, when practiced profusely, will appear on the appendages and as a faint outline on the users body. There are many schools and collages that specialize in majiik to help students along. Since one can master all the elements of majiik, it is possible for a grand master to exist. This is the most powerful majiik user, and all their appendages are pure black. Only one can exist at a time.   Humans and other fae creatures on Mundus interbred and created the vast population that everyone knows today. Other than humans, the two other popular beings are Angels and Daemons (demons). Angels and Daemons are constantly at war with one another since they take up the realms of Caelus (Angels) and Gehenna (Daemons), which sandwich Mundus. The Angels and the Daemons are at war because they both want to be the supreme race; also, because they each want to control the humans. See, human souls are a delicacy for both Angels and Daemons. Human souls offer power unlike any another. These was caused a great rift between the humans and the fae creatures, mostly the Angels and the Daemons. In total, there were three wars that completely obliterated all three realms on each side of the battlefields. They were dubbed: The Holy Wars.