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Lucifer, Leader of the Seafaring Company

Lucifer Marvoli

Lucifer is, although only in his mid-forties, head of the renowned Seafaring Company which controls all seaborne activities in Eastern Mundria and Auria, except for the official Navy ships and, of course, pirates. His family suffered a tragic incident many years ago in which both his father and older brother were killed, forcing Lucifer to step in and take control of the family heritage and the company at an extraordinarily young age.   His manners are excellent and he often holds exquisite balls and gatherings for the nobility of Kloai where he resides. His mansion is highly luxurious and well decorated and his staff is headed by his first in command, the fell'me Smirdion who, whilst never leaving the mansion, manages all matters of private concern for the household, leaving Lucifer time to dedicate all his efforts to the workings of the Seafaring Company.   Due to his charismatic public approach and charming looks the people of Kloai tend to think highly of him, although those more closely familiar with him say that he is stern in negotiations and always gets his way. Very few oppose him however since his tough hand in business has brought huge wealth to the Seafaring Company and Kloai in particular.


Wealth & Financial state

One of the wealthiest persons in all of Mundria.

Year of Birth
4070 (47 years old)
Aligned Organization
Seafaring Company
Other Affiliations

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