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The Famished Hand

To Consume, Divine.

The Famished Hand is a cult dedicated to the worship of the demon lord Wetiko. While true cultists are scarece, and only found amdst the peoples of the continent of Meidrerall, their actions are dangerous, and many of their indoctrinated members eventually become Wendigo.  

Public Agenda

To consume humanoids, to feed the wendigo, to bring about the Final Winter, and in turn free the great demon lord Wetiko.  

Mythology & Lore

In the early days of man, during the First Winter, a being of great power and ferocity appeared before humans for the first time. Embodying the cold that gnawed at their limbs, the stench of their rotting ancestors, and the craving of flesh they all experienced in this long time of famine, the beast consumed, eating any and all it could find.   It continued to dart across the frozen landscape, leaving no tracks upon the fresh snow, gliding as if it was the incarnation of the vile spirits that humanity feared in the night. Soon it was feared by all, the incarnation of their endless suffering, the one that consumes all, the Wetiko.   In this time, the first tribe to betray their bretheren and fellow humans were the Wendigos. Where other fell victim to the beast, or lived in fear of its hunt, the Wendigos reveled in the creatures precense, and soon began to make offerings to the cursed creature. And through their ritualistic practices, they became cannibals, and Wetiko took pleasure in their sacrifice, and bestowed upon their mortal bodies, the first spirits. And thus, the first Wendigos were created.   Worship through cannibalism can grant power untold.  

Divine Origins

The cult formed several eras after the events of he supposed First Winter. Derranged exiles and runaways from tribes that could not contain their destructive action would gather, acting as little more than thieves, murderers, and barbarians. These people would eventually find reverence within the flesh eating forms of the Wendigo, and would start to worship such beings, offering themselves to the creatures, and consuming the flesh of those they attacked. Innevitably, they would call upon tales of their ancestors, and place Wetiko atop their new religion, as the first of all Wendigo, and the deity of such sacreligious practice.   And Wetiko answered.  

Tenets of Faith

Eat upon flesh, and consume the word, until the Last Winter arrives, and the Lord of Starvation and Cannibalism can roam once more, to finish the living, as he is destined to do.  


Cultists of The Famished Hand perform rituals throughout the year, sacrificing live humanoids to the colds of the winter and the wilds of the night, attracting living Wendigo who consume these mortals' flesh and in turn peating humans themselves. The practice of worship is simple and inconsistent, as all cultists know that cannibalism is the only thing that will attract the attention of the spirits of Wetiko.  


Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Cult of Wetiko, Worshipers of Wendigo
Leader Title
Notable Members
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