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Eye of Orin

To help see the wisdom

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)   After the failure to claim the Realm of Muncaelo for the giants in the Ingens Era, Orin left on a journey to expand his knowledge. Eventually, he came upon a giant tree, and sensing a divine power from it, he removed his eye from his skull, dropped it into the pool of water and sap that formed at the base of the tree, and drank.   Over time, mortals also discovered the tree and coveted for themselves the treasures it possessed. One of these mortals would go on to be known as the first Saint, possessing the Eye of Orin and utilizing its knowledge to aid those who would seek his presence.   Random Properties. The Eye of Orin has the following properties:  
  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  Attunement. To attune to the Eye of Orin, one must hold it up to their right eye during a long rest. During this time, the eye will infuse with their actual eye, becoming one. The Item can only be unattuned by removing the user's right eye.   Wisdom of Mimisdrunnr. While attuned to the Eye of Orin the wielders Wisdom score increases by 2 (to a total of 30), and gains proficiency in the Perception skill if they were not proficient before.   Vision of the Wise Man. While attuned to the Eye of Orin you gain true sight up to 30 ft. and have advantage on Perception and Insight checks relying on vision.   Magic. The Eye of Orin has 8 charges and regains all its expended charges daily at dawn. While attuned to the eye you can expend the necessary number of charges to activate one of the following features:  
  • You can cast one of the following spells from the eye (spell save 18) by expanding the necessary number of charges: Augury (1 charge), Detect Magic (1 charge), Arcane Eye (2 charges), Clairvoyance (2 charges), and Foresight (7 charges).
  • You can expend 4 charges to know the location of Orin, this feature fails if you and Orin are on different planes of existence.
  Destroying the Eye. The eye is impervious to damage. It is theorized however that if one were to permanently kill Orin, and destroy the tree that granted him his wisdom, then the eye will lose its powers and return to being a regular, disconnected giant's eye. It is also theorized that if the eye is attuned to someone at the time of Orin and the trees destruction, then their eye will return to their regular eye, and they will become unattuned to the Eye of Orin.  

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Having rest within the pools of Yggdrasil's sap, the Eye of Orin had spent millennia absorbing the magical powers of the world tree, transforming into the artifact we know it as today, and grants vast powers over the school of divination.  


The Eye of Orin has had a long history, being passed from one persona to another, often being untracable due to its fusion with the eye of its attuned bearer. The first to ever take the eye from teh springs of Yggdrasil, and attune to it became a powerful saint, and help establish the first churches. In recent times however, it is believed that the eye is in the possession of a Great Wyrm, which may spell trouble to come.  


Orin sacrificed his eye to gain all the wisdom of the great world tree Yggdrasil, becoming one of, if not the wisest being in Muncaelo. His eye represents a fraction of his power, as well as the extent of his sacrifice for knowledge and wisdom.  
Item type
Creation Date
15472 ME
Only one Eye of Orin exists within Muncaelo, and Orin has no intention of creating a second one. Because of this, the eye holds a rarity of legendary, ignoring the fact that it is a literal artifact.
4 lbs.
6 inch diameter orb
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
  • The Right eye of the Storm Giant; Orin.
  • The sap of the world tree; Yggdrasil.
  Stir well and leave to brew for several millenia.

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