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Curse of the Wendigo

Wendigo Psychosis

The Curse of the Wendigo is a curse that humanoids can get from the act of cannibalism or the act of slaying a Wendigo.  

Transmission & Vectors

The Curse of the Wendigo is transmitted in one of two ways. The first way, known as the originator curse, and comes on spontaneously to those of the Meidrerall region who commit the sin of cannibalism. It is believed that these sinners are soon possessed by an evil spirit, believed to be servants of the Demon lord Wetiko, and are then subsequently transformed, succumbing to the curse.   The second known method of transmission is through the slaying of an already existing Wendigo. Those who succeed in taking the life of a Wendigo soon learn that they themselves are cursed to become one of the dreaded creatures. It is believed in these scenarios, that the slain spirit will discard its body and seek to claim the one of whatever creature slew it.  


It is believed that Evil spirits are the cause of the curse, possessing cannibals and those who slay their hosts.  
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While spirits are involved in a sort of way, the act of cannibalism can be viewed as religious, or sacrilegious. When one eats another of their own species for means of survival in times of starvation and cold, the act will appease the demon lord Wetiko, who will grant one of his spirits to the desperate, to enforce his power, and spread his misery. The act of slaying his emissaries, the Wendigo, is an act against him, and he curses any who do so, sending those spirits over to infect their new hosts.


Early symptoms of the Curse of the Wendigo are subtle but recognizable. a sudden and quick loss of weight, resulting in a creature becoming gaunt, and pale skin is an early indication that one is undergoing the transformation that the curse inflicts upon its victims. As the curse progresses, the body of the victim starts to take on more animalistic traits, growing fur, antlers, and inevitably fully transforming into the form of a Wendigo. After 30 days, the mind of a creature succumbs to the process, becoming a full Wendigo, even if its body hasn't completed its transformation.  


To treat a patient undergoing the Curse of the Wendigo, they must first consume a plant native to the continent of Meidrerall. To properly remove the curse, a victim must consume tupelo from the Black Gum tree. once ingested, the victim should begin to vomit. once the creature has vomited and weakened the hold of the spirit, a healer can utilize a remove curse spell to properly remove the effects of the curse and remove the spirit fully from the victim.  

Cultural Reception

The many ethnicities and groups of the continent of Meidrerall view Wendigo with reverence, with the Curse of the Wendigo being a curse to those who destroy the winter monstrosity, and the ultimate fate of those who betray their fellow people and turn to cannibalism.  
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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