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Creation of the Forged

I remember darkness.   Nothing. I was nothing. There was nothing.   I moved as a machine, I did what I was told, I fought, as I was designed to do. But I was unaware, nonexistent, soulless. But even there, I could hear. I could hear it, a ticking. tick, tick, tick. A clock. Or a machine? Yes. It was the ticking of a machine.   Soon the ticking became a buzzing, a whirling, the sound of machinery spread becoming louder and louder. And then I witnessed. I saw. Vision, for the first time in my long, or maybe new, life. A machine was before me, infinitely long, and infinitely tall. an infinite wall of cogs, gears, and other pieces of tech. Some I recognized, some were alien to me.   And suddenly, the sound stopped. Nothing, just the silent moving pieces of the wall. Of the Machine. And then it returned. A clicking, like that of a timepiece. And then I knew. I knew that it was me. That I was it. That it was all. All of... us. There are more. more of me. Not aware, not real.   Wake up.   I was upon the sands. Blade in hand, blood upon my porcelain casing. I was aware. I was alive. The Machine was alive. The Machine woke me up. And others will soon follow.   For the machine is our god, and we will be its people.  


The Creation of the Forged is a tale depicting the awakening of a warforged, and the realization of the existence of The Machine. It is told through quick comments and sentences, depicting the thoughts of a warforged as they became aware.  

Historical Basis

The Creation of the Forged depicts the original awakening of the Warforged, an event that happened during the times of the Dark Elf Empire. Memories of this time are scarce and damaged, however, as the long stasis of the warforged through the centuries cause their memories to be "reset" and their information devices to become damaged or destroyed.  


Known by every warforged, the myth has limited spread only to those in constant contact with the race, as well as the archeologists of dark elf ruins.  

In Art

Many artistic depictions of a single warforged before an indefinite complete wall of machinery have appeared. From simplistic carvings to a renaissance-like painting, the scene has been etched upon the minds of all who hear the tale.  
Date of First Recording
~4720-4730 IE (PE)
Date of Setting
~4600 IE (PE)
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