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Unions of the Realms



Factions in the Brievary

In the Brievary, eight factions have risen to prominence. These factions seek to further their agendas while opposing threats that would affect the stability and livelyhoods of Muncaelo, Relicta, and Sanctus. Each faction has its own motivations, goals, and philosophy. Some are more heroic than others, but all are there to prevent the disasters, though for motives sometimes unclear.  

Faction Advancement and Benefits

The Brievary factions follow the Renown System created for the Forgoten Realms Factions and AL gameplay. The overview and Faction Benefits can be found here  

Major Factions

The following eight factions have a profound effect on the political workings of the Brievary.

The Artikel

Believing that in the hands of ordinary mortals Magical (and sometimes non-magical) artifacts can be a great danger to the world. The order was created by a group of dwarves who witnessed the oppression of an ancient king force their brethren into creating destructive tools for the purposes of conquest. After rebelling the order collected up these tools and stored them, continuing to do so throughout the centuries. As time went on, they became more and more fearful of war and decided to collect as many artifacts as possible so as to overcome future problems.

the Dowagers

The Dowagers are an organization of female nobles that control the world's politics from the shadows of their husbands and families. They believe that the best world is one of the superior races banding together and removing the threats of races like orcs and goblins. They hold a large collection of information, and take actions to protect their interests.

The Inferus

The Inferus is a nebulous organization that practices intense anonymity, always wearing masks when in combat or public settings. They claim to be everywhere and to hear everything, making them excellent at political blackmail and manipulation.

The Order of the Tagen knights

The Order of the tagen Knights is a knighthood dedicated to the protection of interdimensional, and planear gates. They make sure nothing bad travels through the planes to places they shouldn’t be, and generally keep the order.This order was created after the first attack of the planes, in which a demon came to muncaelo and drained the life around him.

The Blue Sodality

A group known to follow an often Lawful Good Alignment and worship Lux, They were organized by a preacher who witnessed the Tyranny of the Red Cloaks and created a small organization as a means of counteracting any attempts at world domination the Red Cloaks might make. Although they are their opposites, the Blue Sodality are actually a smaller organization, not often looking to recruit other members so much as supplying aid to damaged communities and trying to work within monarchies so as to deter the Red Cloaks from taking over via Puppetry. They often house Churches as their main bases of operation.

The Gàrradh Collective

A collective of druids, wardens and rangers, the Gàrradh Collective stretches far and wide throughout the Brievary. Living deep in the wilderness demands great fortitude and the mastery of certain fighting and survival skills. The collective is charged with defending sacred groves, protecting endangered beasts that cannot fend for themselves, and preserving the natural balance.

The Sin Concord

Some sort of an Elite black market, thieves guild, and assassins guild, the Sin Concord is a notoriously evil group that can get anything they want from anywhere they so desire. They are also notorious for eliminating competition and dominating the Underground Industry.

The Unknown Nobility

Led by the Crow Prince, a mysterious figure who wears a cloak of black feathers, the Unknown Nobles are everywhere. Dedicated to bringing an end to corruption and the mistreatment of the poor, the Nobles could be anyone, from the city guard, to the baker, to the small orphan on the street corner.  

Minor Factions

The following factions have been introduced in the story, but arn't one of the major factions.

Parrs Harbor

  • The Hall
  • The Soldiers Legion
  • Valor of Amadan

Player Organizations

The following organizations have been established by player characters who have amassed enough experience and fame to gather followers. These organizations are similar to factions in that they attract like-minded members, however they do not have ranks, renown, and rewards as factions do.
  • Order of the Beast

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