Metaphysics is a governing body of laws that govern the Mutliverse and all universes within it. These were invented by Creation to be the basis in which all complexity arises from, the very rules in which universes follow to exist, and even dictate what can or cannot exist. This article contains a brief overview of all laws and properties of Metaphysics.  


Main Article: Metastructure
  The very physicality of the Multiverse, metastructure governs the hyperdimensional structure of universes as well as the boundary of the Multiverse itself. It also defines the structure in which physical phenomenon takes place in, such as space-time. There are an infinite variety of valid hypershapes, the most common one being a hypersphere (which is what gives universes their 'bubble like' appearance). Metastructures can be anything from space, universe boundaries, or special structures that dictate interaction of transient forces such as Ether. Metastructures exist in a quasi-space, somewhere between existence and non existence, known as metaspace. While not inherently a thing in of itself, it is rather virtual, it is a valid boundary of positions for metastructures that is trackable by metatime.  

Law of Reference

Law of Reference
Law of Reference by Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant
Anything and everything physical (collectively, physical objects), must be bound to and contained within the metaspace of a valid metastructure due to it's dependence of deriving structure from its parent metastructure. Without, a given physical object will phase into non-existence, ceasing to exist. It is thought that Chaos, The Destroyer drives the necessity of metaphysical structures.  

Law of Perspective

Law of Perspective
Law of Perspective by Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant
A given physical law or object must obey the laws of physics of any universe it happens to find itself in, as any sort of physicality is by nature, defined by metaphysical structure and the Law of Reference. A given physical system will take on new parameters and constants which will govern the future outcomes of said system for as long as it exists in that universe.  

Exception of Perspective Law

Perspective Exception
Perspective Exception by Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant
A special exception of intelligent design, a given physical structure or system, or manifestation of one from a metaphysical being such as an Aetherial or Voidial, is bound to a set of physical laws that are communicated as special energy that any given information in the system.   The laws themselves can be sourced from:  
  • From its home universe
  • or
  • From its own metaphysical structure/source, such as a soul
  Universes, beings, and physical objects, can be classified as having this exception, or being without. They are known as Alpha α and Beta β respectively.  


Main Article: Metatime

Like how any given physical object or system must be bound to a given metastructure, a time must also be bound by reference. Metatime is like a record of all timelines and their interactions between universes. It is a register that can be referred to if there is every a paradox, or inconsistency. It governs the time of all metaphysical objects such as universes, and keeps track of individual times at their paces according to relativistic systems bound by the universe. Metatime, like its physical counterpart, has timelines. However unlike regular time, metatimelines unable to naturally interact with one another due to the Law of the Shared Cannons.  

Law of the Shared Cannons

A law that mostly affects metatime, but also impacts metaspace. While the Multiverse has an infinite number of universes, it also has an infinite number of outcomes for each universe. Should this set of infinite extend into the space between dimensions, metaspace would be filled with interuniversial powers than it has room for, as well as disallowing anyone or anything to travel anywhere.   To solve this, laws were put in place by Creation that separates all of metaspacetime into metatimelines, separating universes from the majority of their parallel brothers and sisters. The degree of separation between these different metatimelines is based off of the sum of changes between physics, and choices by sapient lifeforms in all timelines, being greater than a known threshold. The way that this law is integrated into all psionic thinking and perception of the multiverse is known as the origin of the existence of the Mental World.  

Law of Paradox Resolution

This law governs how paradoxes are handled, they are categorized by different levels that determine the resulting consequence. Pioneered by Snipe-O of the Elemental Dragoons, the understanding of this law understands severity in timeline tampering and sabotage.  

Level 1

Paradoxes in this category are harmless and are non-consequential, and don't change the timeline in future events in any meaningful way. These are quite rare in terms of non-quantum scale paradoxes, but can happen. These mostly include microparadoxes by time traveling particles or energies, or fluxuations in local spacetimes from universe collisions.  

Level 2

Events that qualify as this category of paradox have reaching consequences into future events, but do not threaten the integrity of the timeline or interuniversial interactions. These paradoxes resolve themselves in the same timeline and continue on as if mostly nothing happened, and erase the 'previous' timeline in the process.  

Level 3

The most classic of paradoxes, these are events that are potentially destabilizing as they appear to create time loops for certain individuals that 'trap' them when looking at it from a certain point of view, like the grandfather paradox, or ones that prevent the paradox itself from happening. The solution to these paradoxes are the splitting of timelines, where both series of events play out (I.e. character travels back in time, but never comes back) and the timelines continue on as 'normal'. These kinds of paradoxes if in excess, or severe enough changes, can potentially lead to instability.  

Level 4

These paradoxes are the beginning range of what can be considered dangerous. These tend to be paradoxes that involve messing with a timeline too much, a kind of emergent paradox from events conflicting with one another, or what happens when two paradoxes try to erase each other. Of this nature, timelines degrade and decay, and can cause erasure of many lives or in the case of the next level...  

Level 5

A timeline calamity event, of which the metatimeline has to correct with erasure. These paradoxes are very very dangerous, and can cause instability in other timelines or all of metatime. Think, rewriting events like changing words in a book, without consideration of causation. Also happens when two people or objects attempt to touch or occupy the same metaspace from different metatimelines. Intervention is recommended, as each level 5 paradox that runs its course feeds Chaos.  

Law of Meta Convergence

Interuniversial affairs and interactions are governed by metatime, and therefor need to be governed in a single, cohesive, order of events. This law causes certain timeline adjustments to occur in the event of divergence or conscious choice by pisonic beings, to prevent any timeline from meandering in its metatime sums to become separated into a different metatimeline. This also prevents occurrences where two civilizations from the same universe but different timelines to come out of the universe at the same metatime.


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