Metaphysical Magic System


The Metaphysical Magic System, or in certain contexts as simply Metaphysical Energy Manipulation, is a universal system of energy manipulation that can be applied in any dimension and is based on a greater, multiversial force rather than one based in any one universe. From a single force, the Ether, emerges many, infinite flavors of forces.  

The Ether

From the Origin, outwards from Creation a force of energy flows that permeates the whole multiverse. It could be described as a psionic force, it could be described as a spiritual force, it could be described as pure energy. It is all these things and more, as it is the life force of creation itself, from which all spirits and the gods themselves arise.  

Manifestation & Visualization

Ether is often described as 'mana', perceived as blue to sky blue flowing mass of energy weaving and ebbing between and through worlds like a river. It manifests in other universes as magic, a psionic force, a spiritual force of a god, or the spiritual force innate in sapient beings. Sometimes it is invisible and is described as a fundamental 'force' entirely. While the Ether touches all worlds, in some it is either not expressed or not tapped into, and is ignored entirely. The simple presence of Ether motivates the universe it touches to create and move, and the lack of Ether causes it to stagnate, allowing Chaos to seep in and destroy it.   If one were to describe it as a feeling inside themselves, the sensation would be completely personal and based on their experience and beliefs. Commonly it is described as a fullness, an empowering flow of energy and inspiration. An aura of goodwill, inspiration, and peace.  

Rules & Mechanics

Unless otherwise stated or specified, these rules apply to all known flavors of magic, universally in all dimensions and realms within the Aether.  

Focal Points

From certain metaphysical structures attached to focal points, constructed or natural. Either the associated magic type will be attracted to it (in its released and free flowing form like the Ether), or attracts the Ether itself and converts it into the associated type. These points can be further classified and analyzed into categories.  
Living Points
Living Points are found in the center of Aetheral beings and lifeforms with souls (Aetherals attached to physical form). The points are specific per being, and the flavor of magic that can arise is different depending on if its pure Ether, or compatible flavors that can be converted or used in place of other forces or magic systems.   These points are, usually, part of a system of flowing energy within the sapient they are attached to. They can be used for anything from keeping the physical body alive or by giving the sapient additional tools or senses either by intelligent design or by evolution.   Powerful Aetherals, such as those classified as Gods, can use their living points to convert Ether to their own kind of flavor or flavors of magic, depending on their associated divine domains. When they invent new gods or souls, they can invent beings with any kind of living point, but they almost always invent ones to be compatible with their flavor of magic.  
Spheres are fixed points in space time that have an aura, or area, of which the area is dominated by a flavor or flavors of magic. Due to the long presence of the magic in the area, it is likely any living being evolving in the vicinity would become aligned to, magibiology or otherwise, to that flavor of magic. Additionally depending on the physical expression of magic, spheres may influence the weather, geology, or even how the laws of physics work in that area.   Points of other types, such as living points, that are of a certain threshold of Ether power, may also be spheres. The perfect unison of these two types of points arise in Aetherals who are 'Forces', please see their article to see this special interaction in action.  
Fixed Natural Points
Natural points can arise from natural metaphysical structures and magical processes. They often are associated with crystalline items, but can be found within given naturally occurring object no matter how large or small, complex or simple. For example, a whole planet could be a fixed natural point or a individual molecules or particles. They function identically to constructed points in regards to their specialty to flavoring Ether.  
Constructed Points
Sometimes points can be created either by nature or sapience. While Aetherials can create complex enough points where they fill other categories, constructed points have specific functions with interactions with either specific flavors or convert Ether into specific flavors. Unlike all other points, constructed points don't always attract Ether or flavors of magic to them, sometimes it needs to be fed physically into it.  


Elemental magic is a group of specific and constant flavors that occur throughout the Aether that relate to fundamental and raw powers spiritual in nature, and are usually governed by a god, gods, or a spiritual force. These often revolve around basic forces that drive nature or that nature drives, such as fire, wind, and water. This is entirely contextual and elements can very wildly between universes and even the cultures from within that universe.  


Main Article: Charka, Chakramancy Chakra is the byproduct interaction Ether with fixed points, the most common of which being the core of someone's essence or soul. This special force is governed by metaphysical force carriers that define it's flavor and gives rise to their properties. While all Ether eventually becomes Chakra when used in a magic system, its is often not distinguishable between as a unique form of energy unless metaphysically analyzed, manipulated, or deconstructed. The main difference between Ether and Chakra is that while Ether can flow anywhere freely with no impediment or trade of energy in a system and the interaction to convert Ether to a flavor of Chakra is free (as in it takes no energy in the interaction) it takes energy to convert Chakra to other kinds or to apply it's effects in the universe it is in.

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