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Too Mull Or What cha mulling about with that fore

"What cha mulling about wit dat fore" is a phase used when someone is putting to much time an energy into making something, crafting, building or appears to be blatantly foolish. To the person observing.   An example would be when used in a derogatory fashion it would go like this.   "Oi whey you mulling about with those rocks on that rowboat for an't nothing good a come for it." "words of wisdom from an old sea crone"   An example of how to use Too Mull   a gnome suggest the use of a turtle packed with explosives would be able to sneak into the cave and upon clearing the entrance would then explode sealing of the cave off with the creatures still inside   a proper response to a plan like that would be to simple say "no that's too mull" and move on   too Mull has been used in this way as long as the humans of Portland can remember in fact all races and cultures from the dwarves at Icepeak Falls to elves of Luta Ende all the way down to the fishermen of Sandway have been know to use Phrasing like this.   Ultimately the reasoning of why has been lost to time but Sages have eluded to clues as to where it comes from. Ancient texts have many references to the word Mull but puzzling to the sages if the word is taken in the context it means today such an article does not make sense meaning... the phrasing or word has changed over time. Sage speculation has eluded to mull being a reference to a person but have been largely discredited do to how many different locations the verbiage appearances in ancient texts and in always in relation to the crafting of something. Common belief among sages believe mull used to refer to a general someone like a artisan who was very proficient at crafting building etc. The meaning now has become that of a fool in the more modern time.

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