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The Great Drought

Sages and old historical documents note. In the Years around 820 Throughout the next 150 years fallowing the climate had dramatically changed in certain areas places that were lush. Became barren wastelands as if the gods themselves abandoned those lands huge swaths of lands places such as the Great Savana of Minaphili was a barran wasteland as became the sands of Byjap as well as Jarkopelles Reach during that period of time those regions suffered what historians call The Great Drought.   It has been said by many of sages the the current climate has seamed to stabilized from what historians believed to have happened during The Great Drought. For their is now vegetation thriving in certain parts of the worlds of the world said to be affected the The Great Drought   Sages understand that this climate change brought all of the civilizations within those regions of the world to an end even though the kingdoms of Byjap and those within the spance of land known as Jarkopelles reach did not completely fall until much later   Their is no one story that has what sages believe to be concrete evidence to explain why and how this great change befell the world many sages have written historical books about great floods in certain areas of the world and how this may have caused the The Great drought or how the gods caused these events the Books of history do not have a clear answer...   Over the course of time know as the Great Drought it is said more people migrated and moved then is even alive today the wars an chaos caused by these world changing effects coupled by reducing the amount of habitable land caused significant harm to positive city and town Growth only within the last century have populations levels risen to what sages and historians believe they once were.

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