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Mulania is an exo planet with eleven nations ruling. Weltzland, Krashnyk, Heian, Grandterre, Varhille, Aurmis, and Idaina, and more.   At the beginning and end of everything, Ismaro is there. throughout a period of oblivion and solace, Ismaro is also there. It, is the being that has no creator. It, exceeds the laws of the universe and time as it has no creator, Yet 'It', Exists.   Often roaming at his vast creation of the universe. Ismaro grew bored. It, wanted something more. A universe with flavour and life. And so, It, fabricated five new beings to aid with the creation of the new universe which he called, Gods.   Aileri, was in charge of creating the stars, the moon, and everything else that shines. She was a beautiful creation made to create beautiful creations. Tatina, worked on creating the soil, water, air, and everything else that will soon exist. Eludo, had given life to the conceptof space and time, solitarily creating the concept of aging to mortals. Eludo was a sophisticated being, concerned only with his creations. Zakrum was in control of the creation of darkness. Where he believed, light shall not exist. contesting Aileri with her creations, They ultimately formed a rivalry. Ikol was in charge of the creation of Trickery and Deception, in the hearts of mortal beings. He was formerly the overseer of the creation of mortal beings, But he was so intrigued by them, He wanted to put them up on personalities he'd create.   After the creation of all, Planets were made. But a certain planet was created by the Gods for mortal beings to live and exist. They called it, Mulania. The six God's had once coexisted with the mortal beings, assisting them with survival. But all was changed when Ikol, created Trickery. where mortal beings started attacking one other for survival, rather than supporting one another. The God's have grown disappointed. Not knowing who turned them like that.   A few millennia's later, They've discovered that Ikol was behind the creation of Trickery. Ismaro could not make Ikol perish, Not because he cannot, But because he could not perish a creation he saw as his own child. So the five God's have agreed to turn Ikol into a mortal to teach him a lesson. But during the process, Ikol had still contained his godly abilities with him, making him a mortal and an immortal. coexisting as if he was still a God, exceeding the laws of the universe. He roamed Mulania as an immortal, tricking people.


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