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The Spirits of Ice and Snow

The most important thing to remember about Stenza cosmology is this bubble [the Ice Flats] is civilization, and out there [the Frozen Wastes] is the back of beyond.
— Ta'zhen


The "Spirits of Ice and Snow" are a very broad category in Stenza cosmology and mythology that happens to include stand-out personification of winter as a whole Jeshra. However, it also includes more specific entities, such as:  
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Cold
  • Wind
  • Fog
  • Fire
  • Migration
  • Hunter
These entities would give their names to the Snow Pups as time passed. However, pup-shaped or no, they have always been considered powerful entities one must not anger. Common practices include pouring out libations over specific events (such as reaching their southern grounds/being half-way through High Winter, or near the forge fire). There are also specific rules, known most intimately by people such as Metalsmiths and Religious Experts (especially from the Pass regions). Among them is the remarkably famous "Don't touch Fire's things", which is to say that once consigned to a fire, one should never try to retrieve it. This rule also goes for things known to be "claimed" by the entity, such as particular rocks or trees. Fire pits are also treated with hearty caution.   Interestingly, the common belief that disturbing one of these more specific/possibly subordinate spirits will provoke Jeshra himself is much older than many would take it to believe. It predates the now-widespread notion that the other spirits are pups in any conventional sense, and only Jeshra is an "adult". This does not suggest that the spirits cannot defend themselves, as their power over key elemental forces is broadly known, but it instead points to a hierarchy and a reflection of mortal Stenza senses of responsibility (an officer's duty to the protection of their soldiers, for example).   There are other key details, which may or may not be of esoteric origin:  
  • Snow and Ice always compete, without fail, for Jeshra's attention. No one knows why
  • Fire is the "youngest", which is to say the newest addition to the "team"
  • The spirits routinely visit homes, especially in the Passes, looking for treats or to cause trouble. It is best to let them go about it.
And others, depending on who you ask and which clan they are from.
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